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Couple Says A Purse Snatcher Took Their Life Savings

Fri., Nov. 24, 1995

A couple says their life savings - $33,000 in cash - were taken by a purse snatcher as they shopped for their dream mobile home.

Ken and Rita Davis had stopped off at a grocery store when someone took the purse full of cash. They said they had saved for decades, but never put their money in banks.

“It’s terrible. It’s horrible. In one quick moment their whole life savings is gone,” said Jack Espinosa, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Department, which is investigating.

Rita Davis had the bills stuffed in two cloth bags inside her purse. The thief grabbed the purse from under her arm in the parking lot, then jumped into a waiting car behind the store.

Ken Davis, 54, said he kept the money in a safe at home, and wrote his initials on the bills. He said he earns about $4,000 a year selling used merchandise at flea markets.

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