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Outdoor Activities By The Book 1995 Holiday Book Guide

Waterfowl hunting

“Autumn Passages: A Ducks Unlimited Treasury of Waterfowling Classics,” (Willow Creek Press, telephone 800-850-9453, $29 ppd.)

This superb collection of stories spanning generations of waterfowling was gathered from numerous sources, some no longer in print.

Accounts are harrowing to humorous, introspective to instructive. Venues range from Chesapeake Bay to wheat fields of Alberta and anywhere there’s a puddle big enough for a spread of decoys. Authors include Sigurd Olson, Aldo Leopold, Gordon MacQuarrie, Gene Hill and Ted Trueblood among many others.


“Amazing Whitetails,” by Mike Biggs (Mike Biggs Photography, telephone 800-433-2102, $42.95 ppd.)

Although this book is packed with information about the life and habits of America’s most prolific deer, this book grabs you with its unparalleled photography.

Biggs has set himself in a league of his own with stunning action sequences. His trademark: photos of huge whitetail bucks leaping fences. There’s nothing on whitetails quite like this.

Fly fishing

“Presentation,” By Gary Borger (Tomorrow River Press, (715) 842-9879, $34.95 ppd.)

Borger, one of the deans of fly fishing know how, devotes more than 150 pages to background on the workings of underwater life before getting to the traditionally held concept of “presentation.”

Learning how fish react to food, for example, is as important as casting, he says. “It’s important to understand the principles of rod, line and leader construction to the dynamics that each plays in the various casts,” he writes. But ultimately, “presentation is the culmination of everything you are and everything you know and understand about the whole of fly fishing.”

In this one volume, Borger offers more than the average fly fisher deserves to know. The book includes drawings by Borger’s son, Jason, who was one of the stunt casters in Robert Redford’s film, “A River Runs Through It.”


“Photography Outdoors: A Field Guide for Travel & Adventure Photographers,” by Mark Gardner and Art Wolfe (Mountaineers Books, 800-553-4453, $17.26 ppd.) This books could help stamp out disappointing if not downright boring photography and slide shows of great adventures.

Illustrated with 48 world-class wildlife and nature shots by Wolfe, the book offers a terse foundation for making better photos of animals, plants, people and places.

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