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Speaker’s Disdain: Brain Drain Future May Require Retooling Of Personalities

With the 21st century looming as a high-speed, hard-wired, cyberspace frontier, how will the ordinary human brain keep pace?

Dr. Kenford Nedd, a Vancouver, B.C. physician, believes the next century will require each of us to retool and rewire our brains.

He’ll speak Tuesday from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. at Cavanaugh’s Inn At the Park. His topic: “Mind Fitness Training for the 21st Century.” Tickets are $47.

“Habits of performance and thinking are actually grooved into the nervous systems,” Nedd says. “Motivation or knowledge is not enough to create change. If you’re interested in personal transformation, you need to retool the whole personality.”

Nedd advises people to take better care of their brains to ensure that they can perform well under pressure, break out of the fog and focus clearly.

Here are his tips for jump-starting the brain:

Fuel your brain each morning by always eating breakfast.

Exercise regularly.

Memorize a new poem, quotation or scripture every week to keep your brain challenged.

Sprinkle scents, such as peppermint, that stimulate the brain around your workplace.

Play music such as Vivaldi with 60 beats per minute to stimulate learning.

Learn to focus the mind and body through breathing and relaxation techniques.

Create more fun in your life.

Change your perspective. Don’t make sales simply to make money, but to give people increased options in life.

Reduce the fog by getting up from your desk to move, splash cold water on your face or go for a walk.

Pay close attention to whatever you do. You’ll generate more interest and sharpen your clarity.

“Life is one darn thing after another,” Nedd says. “As you go into the 21st century it will continue to be more darn things.

“To sharpen the brain means to dig more into the immense resources you already have.”

For tickets, call 325-4858. Nedd’s lecture is sponsored by the International Stress Control Center in Vancouver, B.C. , DataTimes