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Gramm Envisions His Dream Convention

Sen. Phil Gramm, R-Tex., remains mired in single digits in his battle to win the Republican presidential nomination, but ever the optimist, he already has planned out next year’s Republican national convention.

“I want to spend the first night of the convention talking about balancing the budget and expanding the power of families to make decisions for themselves,” Gramm told the National Jewish Coalition presidential forum this week. “I want to spend the second talking about cutting taxes and making America more competitive, creating jobs, growth and opportunity. I want to spend the third night talking about winning the war on crime and drugs. And on the fourth night, I want to accept the nomination.”

Gramm said anyone who wants to talk about other issues won’t be allowed to speak.

“From the first beautiful face singing the national anthem until Dr. (W.A.) Criswell, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, asks God to bless America by helping us to beat Bill Clinton, or whatever the acceptable iterative of that is, every face, every message, every word is going to be to define our vision… . If they’re not going to help us define our vision, they’re not going to speak at our convention,” Gramm said.