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Taking it on the buttocks

Ugly is as ugly does and things are getting fairly ugly in the Superdome. Jim Mora walked off the football field a beaten coach Sunday afternoon, and before he could duck underneath the stands, two guys wearing paper bags over their heads who paid to get in the stadium - hoisted a bedsheet scrawled with eight letters, four black and four gold, that basically summed it up:

“Fire Mora.”

This, of course, was before someone wadded up a T-shirt and hurled it at the only coach of a non-expansion NFL team to be winless in five games. The shirt whizzed past Mora’s head and harmlessly hit the turf, much like one of Jim Everett’s passes. Mora said he “doesn’t pay a lot of attention” to the angry louts who shower such derision on his team.

“It’s very frustrating and we’re trying very hard,” Mora said. “The guys are working hard, really hard. We have great practices every week.

“We seem very ready to play each week, and we’re coming up a little short.”

Buck stops, er, there

Dallas coach Barry Switzer used up a time out in third quarter of the Cowboys’ 27-23 loss to Washington when he hesitated whether to kick a field goal on fourth down. It turned out to be a major goof, since the Cowboys had no time outs left in the fourth quarter when they got the ball back with one final chance to win the game.

Apparently Switzer doesn’t like to have his strategy (if that’s what it is) questioned. He bristled when asked about the time out after the game. Whose fault was it? Certainly not Barry’s. He blamed his assistants for giving him poor information.

Switzer also said it wasn’t his fault that the Cowboys didn’t give the ball more to Emmitt Smith after quarterback Troy Aikman left the game with a calf injury.

Father still knows best

For those of you keeping score at home, it’s Shula 2, Shula 0. Make that Don Shula 2, Dave Shula 0.

The latest installment of the interfamily football fracas was at Riverfront Stadium, where Shula’s (Don’s) Dolphins defeated Shula’s (Dave’s) Bengals, 26-23.

In the first Shula-Shula coaching matchup last year, the Dolphins made mahi-mahi out of the Bengals, 23-7. The Dolphins weren’t as dominating this time, needing a 16-yard touchdown pass from Dan Marino to O.J. McDuffie to win with 63 seconds left.

In fact, the lowly Bengals had a chance to tie one for Dave (and send the game into overtime), but a 45-yard field goal try was wide left in the final seconds.

Local watch

Ex-Washington State running back Steve Broussard rushed for 37 yards on five carries in the Seahawks’ victory.

Former Idaho kicker Mike Hollis booted a 22-yard field goal and two extra points for Jacksonville.

Monday night matchup

The Bills (2-1) have gotten off to a slow start offensively, with Jim Kelly completing less than 42 percent of his passes and Thurman Thomas averaging less than 3 yards per carry. The Browns (3-1) hope to exploit the home-field advantage as they’re expecting their first sellout crowd of the year.

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