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Internet Offers O.J. Trivia, Commentary

Wed., Oct. 4, 1995

If TV and radio commentary on the O.J. Simpson verdict is too lame, there’s always O.J. on the Internet, which covers topics from legalistic fine points to tasteless limericks about Judge Lance Ito.

The Internet is the ungoverned swarm of millions of computer users who send and receive messages across the globe. On Tuesday, it seemed that half of them had an opinion about the Simpson verdict.

For those prepared to spend an hour or two poring through pro- and anti-O.J. diatribes, try the Usenet group: (unmoderated).

To track down Mark Fuhrman’s testimony, or obscure parts of the court transcript, several home pages on the World Wide Web give ‘Trial of the Century’ addicts all they can handle.

For those looking for full transcripts, adorned with courtroom art, try The O.J. Simpson on Trial Court Transcripts:

Time Magazine’s Pathfinder home page throws together pictures, stories and an added feature: a chat room for people to get things off their keyboards. It’s at:

Fred’s O.J. Update is a gathering spot for hardcore trial addicts who tend toward scathing comments directed against all involved. Its address is:

For those with a RealAudio player (which lets users get sound files quickly) try The Simpson Matters, where listeners can hear some of the trial’s memorable moments again.

It’s at

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