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O.J. Probably Guilty, Juror Said

Wed., Oct. 4, 1995

One juror in the O.J. Simpson case told her daughter she thinks Simpson probably is guilty, but voted to acquit because the fiasco over racist investigator Mark Fuhrman torpedoed the prosecution’s case, ABC reported Tuesday.

Juror Anise Aschenbach made the comments in a telephone conversation with her daughter, the network reported, identifying the daughter only as Denise.

“She said, ‘I think he probably did do it, Denise,”’ the daughter said. “I said something like, ‘Gosh, you’re kidding me.’ And she said, ‘No,’ and she’s crying. So I said: ‘Why? What happened? What was the thing?’

“She said it was because there wasn’t enough evidence. And I said, ‘Why?’ She said, ‘Because of Mark Fuhrman.”’

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