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Mass Will Be On Internet

The information superhighway leads to the electronic church, Baltimore archdiocesan officials say.

Anyone who wants to watch Pope John Paul II deliver Mass Sunday at Camden Yards but can’t get tickets can simply go on line and receive a live video and audio feed of the event.

“This is perhaps the first time that a public event has had the chance to really put this technology out in front of the public,” said Gordon G. Miller III, director of the Multimedia Lab at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va.

All that’s needed is a computer and modem to plug into the Catholic Net, a church-affiliated on-line service.

Roman Anderson, project director for Catholic Net, said the Camden Yards program will be the culmination of five days of Internet coverage of the papal visit.

The address of the splashy new Catholic Information Center on the Internet is There are essays on abortion, contraception and that little tiff between the Vatican and Galileo over whether the Earth orbits the sun.

Don’t get your hopes up, however, about the papal Mass Sunday. Neither the pope nor his boss is expected to do a whole lot about limited bandwidth.

To see full motion video, you must be sitting on a high-speed T-1 line (actually, not uncommon in universities and businesses) or an ISDN (digital) phone line. The rest of us chugging along at 14.4 or 28.8 bps modems will get a slide show and audio and have to offer a silent prayer for cable modems.

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