Lottery Numbers

MONDAY, OCT. 9, 1995

Sunday’s winning “Triple Choice” lottery numbers are: 037.

Sunday’s winning Washington Keno numbers: 6-12-16-17- 22-26-27-34-43-51-53-55-56-57-59-60-63-74-77-79.

Saturday’s winning “Triple Choice” lottery numbers are: 382.

Saturday’s winning Washington Lotto numbers: 1-10-11-19-24-40.

One winner. Next jackpot: $1 million.

Saturday’s winning Quinto numbers: 10832A.

No winner. Next jackpot: $300,000.

Saturday’s winning Washington Keno numbers are: 2-11-23-26-32-33-38-41-47-54-56-57-61-62-63-66-67-71-74-78.

Saturday’s winning Powerball game numbers: 2-7-15-18-31.

Saturday’s winning Powerball number: 39.

Saturday’s winning Tri-West numbers: 4-8-22-23-32-33.


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