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Man In Critical Condition After Parking Lot Beating Several Men In Pickup Follow Brothers’ Car After Near Accident

A Spokane man was seriously injured early Saturday when he was attacked by a group of men in a North Spokane grocery store parking lot.

The man and his brother were driving on Francis Avenue near Wall Street shortly after midnight when their car was almost hit by a pickup.

Occupants in both vehicles exchanged words and the brothers drove off.

The occupants of the truck followed the brothers to the Tidyman’s at 6401 N. Cedar Road. As many as 10 men jumped from the truck and attacked the brothers, police said.

Members of the group smacked one of the brothers in the head several times with what police described as “a club or board about 3 feet long,” while the other lay helpless on the ground.

The blows knocked the 35-year-old man to the ground. When he fell, the group of assailants fled in the truck.

The injured man was taken to a hospital where he was in critical condition, police said.

Cottam said the assault apparently was triggered by the exchange of words when the truck swerved toward the brothers’ car.

“The brothers drove off and these guys followed them rather than go home,” said Dick Cottam, a police spokesman. “Apparently (the brothers) decided to stop and just deal with it.”

Detectives from the police department’s major crimes unit are investigating the attack. They are looking for one attacker in particular. He is described as white, in his late teens or early 20s, about 5 feet 10 inches tall, and thin with long hair. He was wearing a blue jacket and a baseball cap.

The truck he was riding in was a dirty, newer-model blue pickup, possibly a Toyota extended cab or similar style truck.

Police are asking anyone with information about the suspects involved in the assault or the truck to call Crime Check at 456-2233.

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