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Famous Law Partners Suing Each Other

Thu., Oct. 19, 1995

It had to happen sometime: Jacoby is suing Meyers.

They teamed up nearly 20 years ago to hang out a TV shingle that made them the K mart of American law. But that’s all over now. Leonard Jacoby filed a lawsuit Friday against Stephen Meyers, accusing Meyers of squeezing him out.

And there’s nothing cut-rate about the money Jacoby is asking for.

He is demanding $2 million from his law school buddy and 23-year business partner, accusing him of breach of partnership, fraud and emotional distress.

Also named is Gail Koff, who started Jacoby & Meyers’ East Coast operation in 1979 and can be seen on late-night TV, holding a hair dryer and warning viewers to beware consumer injury and fraud.

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