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Official Records


Marriage Licenses

Raymond G. Peters and Roberta A. Ostheller, both of Spokane.

Zeferino M. Rubio and Darcey A. Leverette, both of Spokane.

Christopher R. Lacroix and Laura L. Karr, both of Spokane.

Donald W. Owen and Kathy G. Hillman, both of Spokane.

John L. Alfred and Lori A. Mason, both of Spokane.

In the Courts

Superior Courts New Suits

City of Spokane c/o Community Development Department vs. Steven A. and Elissa M. Weitensteiner, foreclosure.

Mario Marcella and Jeffrey J. Marcella dba Mario and Son Marble and Granite vs. D. Douglas Evans, money claimed owed.

Steve Weltz and Steve Weltz Cabinets Sales Co. Inc., vs. Classic Cabinets, Inc., money claimed owed.

Miles and Tina Stuhlmiller vs. Jan Severn and Severn Enterprises, Inc., seeking damages for injuries from vehicle collision.

Cynthia L. Brigman-Abrahamson, representative of the Estate of Gabriel Abrahamson and Cynthia L. Brigman-Abrahamson vs. The Shed, Inc., seeking restitution for injuries resulting from alleged negligence.

Marriage Dissolution Petitions

Miles, Michelle L. and Michael B.

Utter, Denise R. and Rick.

Sears, Todd A. and Dana F.

Halverson, Michele and Randy.

Brown, Anna M. and Gregory L.

Proctor, Celina F. and Jeremy B.

Craig, Wendy K. and Merrill L.

Giese, Margaret A. and Klayton O.

Ramirez, Michael K. and Penny L.

Marriage Dissolution Granted

Lale, Jeffery D. and Mary J.

Collins, Brian D. and Rachel L.

Lea, Calvin R. and Patricia L.

Elton, Robert H. and Counter, Marina S.

Kammers, Thomas J. and Carol R.

Daley, Rick and Julia M.

Nicholson, Thaddeus and Jennifer L.

Lind, Terry W. and Grable-Lind, Tammy S.

Whitlow, Mark F. and Patricia A.

Leyland, Kenneth R. and Carrie C.

Criminal Sentencings Judge Richard J. Schroeder

Marcus Lorant Price, 24; 34 months in prison with credit given for 115 days served, after pleading guilty to possession of controlled substance with intent to deliver.

Paul Arnold Swanbeck, 38; 22 months in prison, after pleading guilty to communication with minor for immoral purposes.

Judge Thomas E. Merryman

Keith Bennett Studd, 22; 219 months in prison, after being found guilty of second-degree murder.

Bankruptcy Petitions

Daniel J. Woodard, Veradale, debts of $24,789.

Gerald K. Hicks, Greenacres, debts of $18,510.

Stuart W. Putnam, 3008 W. Fairview, debts of $51,227.

Christopher O. Duell, 2918 E. Riverton, debts of $35,092.

Michael C. Hooper, Goldendale, Wash., debts of $22,200.

Adam T. Layton, Yakima, debts unspecified.

Bob H. Schei, Sunnyside, Wash., debts of $87,363.

Harriett V. Johnson, 5621 S. Crestline, debts unspecified.

David M. and Bonita L. Bury, 1607 E. Courtland Ave., debts of $64,530.

Christopher A. Curtis, 13118 Valleyway, debts of $39,806.

Christopher W. Hunter, 207 E. Crown, debts of $101,950.

Kelly J. and Gary D. Schuler, Colville, debts of $11,491.

Christina M. Bennett, 6017 N. G, debts unspecified.

Ronald A. and Jeanne M. Johnson, 1528 N. Crestline, debts unspecified.

Brian T. and Elka J. Vining, 1427 W. Indiana, debts unspecified.

Paul and Bonnie S. Bell, 3008 N. Standard, debts unspecified.

Joseph E. and Linda R. Sanders, Rockford, debts of $74,357.

Robert J. and Christine L. Mecum, Nine Mile Falls, Wash., debts of $13,999.

Heather R. Barton, 12409 E. Olive, debts of $19,184.

Jose A. Sr. and Sylvia S. Trevino, Grandview, Wash., debts of $30,228.

Shirley R. Frank, Sunnyside, Wash., debts of $23,986.

Mary J. Stanton, Yakima, debts unspecified.

Richard C. and Kristina R. Ralls, 1815 W. Boone, debts of $36,662.

Edward N. and Michelle I. Richards, 2320 W. Wellesley, debts of $24,506.

Wage Earner Petitions

Michelle L. Grant, Mead, debts of $12,351.

John A. and Kim M. Martino, 303 E. Wabash, debts unspecified.

Samuel M. and Cecelia A. Bloyed, 1713 W. Mallon, debts unspecified.

Kelly M. Littell, 2224 E. Heroy, debts of $4,990.

Ivan N. Ramos, Sunnyside, Wash., debts of $7,269.

District Courts

Only fines or forfeitures of $75 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Judge Sam F. Cozza

Ronald Dobler, 42; $100 fine, negligent driving.

Richard W. Smart, 26; $100 fine, 12 months’ probation, third-degree driving with license suspended.

Thomas M. Smith, 33; $100 fine, negligent driving; second offense: $100 fine, third-degree driving with license suspended.

Jason L. Stout, 22; $200 fine, 24 months’ probation, seconddegree driving with license suspended.

Gene P. Sturgeon, 24; $100 fine, third-degree driving with license suspended.

Binh Q. Tran, 23; $100 fine, 12 months’ probation, negligent driving.

Judge John J. Madden

Susan K. Croy, 44; $600 fine, negligent driving.

Janice L. Mitchell, 38; $250 fine, negligent driving.

Judge Sara B. Derr

Myron L. Birdtail, 27; $200 fine, 12 months’ probation, second-degree driving with license suspended.

Derek L. Lloyd, 34; $125 fine, 12 months’ probation, obstructing officer.

Kristopher E. Wormell, 19; $250 fine, 12 months’ probation, third-degree driving with license suspended.

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