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School Slate Candidates Hope To Be Part Of The Solution In Ensuring Quality Education

On Nov. 7, voters across the Spokane Valley will decide who makes the decisions that affect their childrens’ educations.

From approving new school books to deciding where the dollars go, school board members are responsible for shaping education, and ultimately, childrens’ futures.

In and around the Valley, 27 people are running — either challenged or unopposed — for school board.

Among the issues candidates are facing are bond elections, crowding in schools due to growth, lack of parental involvement, and a search for a new superintendent.

There are similar themes in how candidates approach these problems but each person also offers his or her own philosophy on how schools should be run.

Inside today’s Valley Voice is a look at each of the candidates for school board and an overview of the races in Central Valley, East Valley, West Valley, Freeman, Liberty and Orchard Prairie school districts.

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