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Getting To The Concert And Having A Good Time

Fri., Sept. 1, 1995

Location: Comstock Park is located between Post and Howard streets south of 29th Avenue.

Starting time: The music starts at 6 p.m. Since crowds at past park concerts have exceeded 10,000, the best spots on the lawn start filling up about 4 p.m.

Parking: Parking is at a premium; there is no parking lot to speak of at Comstock. So plan to park on the street and walk several blocks. Note carefully where you park, the streets around Comstock twist and wind, and they all look alike after dark.

Seating: Bring your own lawn chair unless you arrive early and nail down a blanket space in the front row.

What to wear: Dress for cool weather - bring an extra blanket and a sweater, just in case.

Money: Bring some, even if you also bring a full picnic basket. Barbecue and salads plus soft drinks, coffee and tea will be available starting at 4 p.m., as will symphony T-shirts and concert posters.

Drinks: Water is hard to find at Comstock, so bring your own. Be warned: Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in city parks.

Toilets: Before those beverages take effect, note the location of portable toilets around the edge of the seating area.

Courtesy: Don’t forget to enjoy the music and allow others to do the same. The only things worse than loud, run-amok children at a musical event are loud, run-amok adults.

Escape: Plan your departure route. Getting away may be slow, so have a soothing cassette or two to play on your car stereo.


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