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It’s Quantity Time At The Park Please Indulge Us While We List Our Favorite Dishes From Pigout In The Park

So many temptations, so little stomach space.

While Seattle has its “Bite of …” and Tacoma has its “Taste of …,” the annual Spokane restaurant fair isn’t nearly so dainty as it invites diners to “PigOut in the Park” on an eclectic menu of ethnic food and old-fashioned favorites, all for under $5.

Where else could you find sushi and phad Thai noodles at the same venue as Coney Island dogs and barbecued ribs? Forty area restaurants are expected to serve more than 145,000 meals during the five-day gorgefest, which continues through Monday.

Unless you spend the entire weekend noshing nonstop, it would be impossible to sample everything. So we’ve put together a list of some of the best grub, as judged by a panel of veteran PigOut participants.

Be advised, though, that some restaurants were slow out of the starting gate, so they weren’t in the running for our Top 10. Here are our favorites:

Salty’s blackened salmon Caesar salad. Moist fish perched on a bed of tangy romaine won points for its sinus-clearing spiciness.

Blackberry shortcake from Original New York Coney. Sweet/tart berries on above-average shortcakes.

Pot stickers from Sidewok. Don’t skimp on the “hot sauce from hell.”

Country Cousin’s barbecued riblets. A big pile of bones, but take points off for a still-cold sauce and one piece that tasted of lighter fuel.

Boehm’s hand-dipped chocolate ice cream bar. Heaven on a stick.

Edo’s California roll. Sticky rice in seaweed might not be everyone’s cup of green tea, but we like ours with extra wasabi.

The Lil Bit of Philly cheese steak. The genuine article.

Taco Taco’s chicken tamale. Magnifico.

The Jamaican chicken salad from Surf City Squeeze. Tasty greens, seasoned chicken, black beans, pineapple in a raspberry vinaigrette.

Cannon Street Grill’s black bean chili. It is served in a delicious edible bread bowl. Now, if they only could come up with edible utensils.

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