Man Posing As Woman In Marriage Guilty Of Fraud


A man who posed as a woman during a 3-1/2-year marriage pleaded guilty Tuesday to defrauding the unsuspecting husband.

Felix Urioste, 34, entered guilty pleas to one count of communications fraud and one count of forgery.

He faces up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine on each count at sentencing Oct. 24.

Urioste, posing as a woman named Leasa, married Bruce Jensen in 1991. He was arrested in Las Vegas earlier this year after using credit cards issued in the name of Leasa Jensen.

At the time, he was traveling as a man, and police had to break the news of his sexual identity to Jensen.

Jensen, a 39-year-old medical lab technician who is described by authorities as naive, is seeking an annulment.

Prosecutors claim Urioste defrauded Jensen of more than $40,000 in credit card and other expenses.

Prosecutors contend Urioste tricked Jensen into marrying him. Urioste denies that he duped Jensen, but admits he claimed to be pregnant with twins before their 1991 marriage.

Prosecutor Bill McGuire has said Jensen married Urioste because he felt responsible and the marriage was essentially celibate. He said Urioste later told Jensen the twins were stillborn.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Urioste was clean-shaven. He had a mustache when he was arrested.


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