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Boundary County Prosecutor Attends; Needs Cooperation To Decide On Charges

Thu., Sept. 7, 1995

North Idaho Prosecutor Randall Day is stalled on the question of whether to file state criminal charges against any of the Ruby Ridge participants because he has been unable to finish his investigation.

Day, the Boundary County prosecutor, was among the spectators at the Ruby Ridge hearings Wednesday. He was accompanied by two authorities, Boundary County Sheriff Greg Sprungl and Curt Kastens, an investigator with the Idaho Bureau of Investigation. They watched the hearing from the standing-room-only spectators’ gallery.

Day said he was not asked to give Weaver immunity from any possible state prosecution before the former Naples, Idaho, resident agreed to testify before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Government Information.

While in Washington, Day said he hopes to meet with Attorney General Janet Reno and FBI Director Louis Freeh. Day and his team still want to interview five or six FBI officials involved in the siege.

But those officials are either refusing to cooperate or have been ordered not to, pending a Justice Department investigation into whether FBI documents were destroyed and shoot-on-sight orders covered up, said Day.

The documents detail who within the FBI changed the agency’s shooting policy, from one based on self-defense or the defense of others, to an unconstitutional order that said agents “could or should” shoot any armed adult seen at the Weaver cabin.

“We have not ruled out any possibilities at this time,” Day said during a break in the hearing.

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