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A Little Planning Can Make Fair More Enjoyable

Fri., Sept. 8, 1995, midnight

FOR THE RECORD: September 9, 1995: Cox Cable is sponsoring a day at the Spokane Interstate Fair but is not giving out $1-off coupons for admissions. A story in the Friday Weekend entertainment section was wrong.

Most of the thousands who will take on the Spokane Interstate Fair over the next 10 days don’t have a plan of attack.

Because throngs of people congest the fairgrounds all day long, a day at the fair can be very frustrating, confusing and miserable experience.

Here are a few tips that might make your day at the fair go a little smoother:

What to bring

On hot sunny days, bring sun-block, sunglasses and a hat. Dress lightly. There’s nothing worse than getting scorched while you’re sweating.

If it looks like rain, consider leaving the umbrella at home, unless it’s a downpour. Most of the attractions are inside and an umbrella will only get in the way.

If going during the evening, take a sweatshirt or a light jacket. Temperatures dip once the sun sets.

Don’t forget to bring a small bag, or a backpack. If you’re like most people, you’ll acquire more souvenirs and free samples than you can possibly carry.

Most fair-goers spend a number of hours at the fair. Much of this time, they spend it on their feet. So, wear walking shoes or running shoes.

Cut a fair schedule out of this section for the day you plan on going. There will be programs with schedules printed in them available at the fairgrounds, but carrying one can be rather cumbersome. This piece of paper will easily fit into your pocket.

Bring a generous supply of cash, especially if you plan on taking the kids. Everything costs money.

Best times to attend the fair

The weekends are the fair’s busiest of days. If you’re agoraphobic, stay home and go on a weekday.

The least crowded times to attend the fair are weekday mornings.

During the week, people tend to go in the evenings, after work. These times, too, can be very busy.

If you want to see everything at their ultimate freshness, go during the first couple of days.

Late in the week, the plants and flowers droop and become wilted.

The animals, also, are fresher at the beginning.

Don’t forget: Change-over day is Monday evening. By Tuesday, a whole new stock of animals will be added to the fair.


When arriving at the fairgrounds, if traveling with a large group of people or someone whose handicapped or elderly, you can drive past the main parking lot to the main entrance gate and drop people off. Also, handicapped parking spaces, for those with a sticker, are located near the main entrance.


The bathrooms are probably the most-visited attraction at the fair. With an average of 20,000 people roaming the grounds every day, there’s likely to be lengthy lines at the restrooms. If you want to avoid the wait, the bathrooms in the Floral Palace are the least-used.


Part of the fun of going to the fair is stuffing your face with as much food as you can. Since there are 85 different food booths, your culinary options are endless.

The only thing that’s likely to curb you appetite are lines. During peak times, say noon and 5-6 p.m., thousands will hunger for lunch or dinner. If you don’t want anything to stand in the way of your insatiable appetite, avoid eating at these times.


The fair can often be an expensive endeavor. So, saving a couple of dollars here and there might be a smart idea. Several area businesses offer special promotions. Darigold, Big-O Tires, Pepsi Cola, Seven-Up, Safeway and Cox Cable all offer, on different days, $1 off admission coupons.



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