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Satisfy Two Appetites In One Night On Town A Stroll Stands Between Arena And Pre-Event Dining

Fri., Sept. 8, 1995

Go ahead and make a night of it.

More than a dozen restaurants are within a few blocks of the Spokane Arena.

And many more are located across the river in downtown Spokane, which is also within walking distance as long as you don’t mind taking a stroll through Riverfront Park.

Here are some choices, listed roughly in order of proximity to the Arena:

Sea Galley - A reasonably priced family seafood chain, with a lounge that has been a traditional favorite among hockey fans. Located one block directly north of the Arena. 1221 N. Howard, 327-3361.

Clinkerdagger - One of Spokane’s top restaurants, serving a wide variety of seafood, steaks, chicken and other dishes. Old English decor and atmosphere; good view of the Spokane Falls. Located in the Flour Mill, which is adjacent to the southeast corner of the Arena. 621 W. Mallon, 328-5965.

Riverview Thai - One of Spokane’s original Thai restaurants, also located in the Flour Mill. View of the falls. 621 W. Mallon, 325-8370.

Pizza Haven - A chain pizza restaurant, located in the Flour Mill. 621 W. Mallon, 327-5555.

Bickel’s Cafe - A deli and sandwich shop which will stay open until 8 p.m. on Arena event days. Located in the Flour Mill. 621 W. Mallon, 328-2233.

Ho Ho Teriyaki - A small counter-service teriyaki place. Located in the Flour Mill. 621 W. Mallon, 326-6344.

Milford’s Fish House - A longstanding Spokane favorite, featuring seafood, oysters, beef, poultry and other specialties. About three blocks west of the Arena. 719 N. Monroe, 326-7251.

Espresso Delizioso Restaurant and Cafe - A combination of European style restaurant, and folkie-Bohemian cafe, serving Italian, international and vegetarian dishes. Late night menu. About three blocks west of the Arena. 706 N. Monroe, 326-5958.

Salty’s at the Falls - A popular Northwest seafood chain restaurant, specializing in steaks and seafoods. Late night menu. Popular deck; excellent view of the Spokane Falls. Three blocks south of the Arena. 510 N. Lincoln, 327-8888.

Charley’s Grill and Spirits - A casual restaurant and popular bar. About three blocks west of the Arena. 801 N. Monroe, 328-8911.

The Viking - A boisterous tavern, featuring sandwiches, burgers and dozens of microbrews on tap. About three blocks northeast of the Areana. 1221 N. Stevens, 326-2942.

Double Dan’s Sports Bar and Grill - A sports bar, with food and drink. About four blocks west of the Arena. 1011 W. Broadway, 326-8183.

Windows of the Seasons - A hotel restaurant featuring Northwest cuisine. Located at Cavanaugh’s Inn at the Park, about five blocks east of the Arena. 303 W. North River Drive, 328-9526.

Ripples on the River - Southwestern cuisine and wood-burning oven specialties. Located at Cavanaugh’s River Inn, about seven blocks from the Arena via a riverside trail. N. 700 Division, 326-5577.

The following restaurants are in downtown Spokane, across the Spokane River to the south (we are listing only those which face directly onto Riverfront Park):

Olive Garden - An Italian chain restaurant, known for salads, breadsticks and pasta. Located across Riverfront Park from the Arena. 221 N. Wall, 624-1853.

O’Doherty’s Irish Grille - Steaks and Irish fare, and a popular pub. Located across Riverfront Park from the Arena. 525 W. Spokane Falls Blvd., 747-0322.

Arizona Steakhouse - Southwestern cuisine and steaks. Located across Riverfront Park from the Arena. 333 W. Spokane Falls Boulevard, 455-8206.

Sully’s - Continental and Italian cuisine. Located across Riverfront Park from the Arena. 259 W. Spokane Falls Blvd., 456-7410.

The Mustard Seed - A contemporary Oriental restaurant specializing in stir-fries and dishes with light sauces. Located across Riverfront Park from the Arena. 245 W. Spokane Falls Blvd., 747-2689.

C.I. Shenanigans - Seafood and prime rib, with a popular deck and lounge. Located across Riverfront Park next to the Sheraton. N. 332 Spokane Falls Ct., 455-6690.

Azteca - Reasonably priced family Mexican restaurant. Located across Riverfront Park, next to the Sheraton. 200 W. Spokane Falls Blvd., 456-0350.

1881 Room - An elegant dining room at the Sheraton-Spokane Hotel. Located across Riverfront Park. N322 Spokane Falls Ct., 455-9600.

There are many other downtown restaurant possibilities within hearty walking distance from the Arena; check the Yellow Pages for more downtown restaurant ideas.

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