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Teenager Likely To Plead Guilty In Traffic Death

A 16-year-old Post Falls girl has been charged with inattentive driving for causing a wreck that killed another teenager.

Danielle Muncey is expected to plead guilty to the charge, which carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail.

The parents of the girl who died do not want Muncey to spend time behind bars, said Kootenai County Prosecutor Bill Douglas.

“They feel there should be some accountability but they also have a great deal of compassion for the Muncey family,” he said Monday.

Muncey, a Post Falls High School student, had been driving less than a year when she ran the stop sign at the intersection of Lincoln Street and Mullan Avenue on June 1.

Her car struck a truck driven by Christina Finney, a popular track runner and Post Falls Junior Miss. The 18-year-old was thrown from the truck and died.

Douglas has talked with both the Finney and the Muncey families while deciding what charge to file and said both families support his decision.

Muncey could have been charged with misdemeanor manslaughter, a more serious crime.

“The last thing that anybody wants is to try a 16-year-old on a manslaughter charge in the middle of the school year,” Douglas said. “We’ve got a tragedy here that did not involve drugs, did not involve alcohol … but rather involved a split second of inattention.”

Inattentive driving is a misdemeanor traffic citation and will be handled in adult court.

The teenager is expected to plead guilty on Oct. 10, Douglas said. He will recommend a sentence to the judge.

Douglas said the Finneys have told him they want Muncey’s driver’s license suspended for a time.

“They want other kids to just be careful when they drive and watch out for stop signs,” he said.

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