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Fertility Doctors Raided

Federal and state agents seized records at the home and offices of fertility doctors who are accused of taking patients’ eggs and implanting them in other women without consent.

Investigators from the FBI, Internal Revenue Service and other agencies served warrants Tuesday at Dr. Ricardo H. Asch’s offices in Laguna Hills and Santa Ana, and at his Newport Beach home. They also seized records from his partners, Jose Balmaceda and Sergio Stone, and the doctors’ bookkeeper.

Asch, former director of the University of California, Irvine’s renowned fertility clinic, is a target of several investigations related to egg swapping at the facility. Balmaceda and Stone are also being investigated.

University officials have said that at least 30 women were involved in egg or embryo swaps without their knowledge. Patients left their fertilized eggs in storage at the clinic, to be implanted when they wanted to get pregnant. Several have complained that their embryos were given away to other women.

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