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Iowan Riding ‘Businessman Special’ To White House

Thu., Sept. 21, 1995

Morry Taylor, a wealthy Iowa businessman seeking the Republican nomination for president, stopped briefly in Rhode Island yesterday to boost his name recognition, which is about as close to zero as a presidential contender can be.

That could change. Taylor, whose full name is Maurice Taylor Jr., has deep pockets and is traversing the countryside in a small fleet of motor homes, a publicity stunt designed to give substance to his bid.

Taylor, 50, is attempting to pick up Ross Perot supporters here and elsewhere, campaigning as the successful businessman who thinks politicians don’t have the skills to run the nation. His chief exhibit is President Clinton, whom Taylor calls “the worst-prepared president of this century, including Jimmy Carter.”

President and chief executive officer of Titan Wheel International, Taylor has never held or run for public office. He does not consider this a disadvantage.

Taylor says the U.S. government is the world’s largest business and needs a business person to run it. He asserts that the federal budget can be balanced in 18 months. He would cut the federal work force by one-third and eliminate regulations he says are stifling business. He says he would severely limit welfare benefits and require all recipients to work.

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