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Ireland Ends 34-Year Ban On Playboy Sales

Government censors have ruled that Playboy magazine can be sold in Ireland, overturning a 34-year ban that had sent its fans hopping over the border to Northern Ireland to buy it.

In this town a few miles from the border, the news got some commercial pulses thumping. Gerry and Margaret Molloy said they were eager to sell Playboy in their shop, even though some neighbors disapprove.

“They say I’m an idjit (idiot), but I’m here to make money. There’s a clear demand for the stuff and it’s harmless,” said Molloy, noting that other shops had sold Playboy under the counter for years.

The Censorship of Publications Board, which bans a range of periodicals and books from this predominantly Roman Catholic country of 3.5 million, approved Playboy’s appeal for distribution rights on Monday.


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