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Pepsi Gambles That Blue Cans Will Yield Green

Thu., April 4, 1996

Next to those bright red cans, Pepsi just wasn’t getting the attention it wanted.

The company is introducing a vivid blue can in Europe and other parts of the world that scraps the familiar red, white and blue logo. Instead, Pepsi cans will adopt a color the company thinks will attract more cola-swilling teenagers.

Pepsi, perhaps preparing for another promotional blitz, pointedly did not release any plans for the can in the United States or Canada. But the company did say it would eventually use the new look worldwide.

The $500 million campaign that started on Tuesday is part of Pepsi’s plan to close the gap with Coca-Cola, the dominant cola outside the United States.

With little more growth to be squeezed out of North America - the two cola giants are looking at the rest of the world to increase sales.

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