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Perot Files Paperwork With Fec But Billionaire Insists He’s Not His Party’s Candidate - Yet

Thu., April 4, 1996, midnight

Ross Perot isn’t saying whether he’s running for president, but he’s filed paperwork with the government to keep his options open.

The Texas billionaire has written the Federal Election Commission to register his party for the presidential election, and lists himself as the candidate on the form. But, in a separate letter, he insists he isn’t a candidate.

“I do not consider myself a candidate for president of the United States, and have not decided whether I will run for president or seek the nomination of state Reform Parties if efforts to establish ballot access are successful,” Perot’s March 8 letter to the FEC begins.

“I have been advised, however,” the letter continues, “that I may be deemed to fall within the technical definition of a ‘candidate’ for that office.”

Perot said he was sending the FEC such notification because in many states “ballot access may be obtained only through circulation of petitions on behalf of named candidates.”

“States generally permit later substitution of another candidate for that named on the petition,” Perot added.

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