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More Wolves To Be Freed In Yellowstone

More wolves were to be released in Yellowstone National Park today, a park spokeswoman said.

Cheryl Matthews said the two wolves in the Blacktail acclimation pen southeast of Mammoth would be tranquilized and then moved to an area near Old Faithful.

Meanwhile, tracking flights over the Nez Perce and Rose Creek pens on Thursday showed that four of the six Nez Perce wolves have traveled about 26 miles northeast of their pen, while the other two have remained near or inside the enclosure, Matthews said.

All five wolves in the Rose Creek pen remained inside as of Thursday afternoon, she said.

The four wolves in the Crystal Bench pen were to be released sometime next week after being tranquilized and taken to an area in the southern part of the park, she said.

The 17 Canadian wolves brought to Yellowstone in the second round of reintroductions were held in the pens for more than two months to allow them time to get used to their new surroundings.

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