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White After Labor Day? The Penalty: Polter

FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 1996

It’s bad enough that fashions change so often and with such apparent flippancy. But now we have the fashion police.

No lie. Sponsored by Spiewak, the company that provides uniform for FBI agents and police departments across the country, a group of sternly dressed fashion fascists stood outside a series of New York fashion shows and issued citations for various fashion “crimes.”

Among those cited: Ivana Trump for “hair violations,” actor Steven Dorff for being “a general mess” and actress Uma Thurman for “reckless mismanagement of funds spent on Prada.” But, noted Associated Press writer Patricia Bibby, “one look at the drab, industrial look of the Spiewak coats and one wonders, who is policing the fashion police?”

Loose talk

Hugh Hefner on the value of the so-called TV V-chip: “Children are often used as the rationale or excuse for censorship. It’s a phony claim because this society isn’t made for children. It is made for adults and they should keep certain things out of reach of children.”

If she’d married Dan O’Bannon, she’d be called…

Shannen Doherty turns 25today.

Two days before and it would have been ‘Citizen Kane’

It seems O.J. Simpson is to blame for everything. Even the box-office failure of Allen Hughes’ film “Dead Presidents.” “O.J. screwed up everything,” Hughes told Variety, “because it came out two days after the verdict and nobody gave a damn.”

He didn’t think much of ‘Dead Presidents’ either

Speaking of O.J. Simpson, according to the book “Taking Back Our Streets” by Los Angeles Police chief Willie Williams, Simpson is guilty, the Michael Jackson sex molestation case “is still open to this day” and the three-strikes-you’re-out law is a crime in itself.

For some actors, that combination comes naturally

Jim Bartling, who raises hogs in Nebraska with his two brothers, has a sideline career that he shares with his two siblings. The three men model for covers of romance novels and various cards and posters. Speaking to Romantic Times magazine, Bartling said, “My brothers and I are working hard and looking forward to carefully building a career that combines our acting and our farm products.”

Speaking of celluloid fertilizer…

Demi Moore is the surprise cover girl of the next George magazine. Moore, whose movie “Striptease” is forthcoming June 7, is topless in the pose. Dressed as Martha Washington, Moore is featured with her breasts painted in a stars-and-stripes pattern. Other George cover celebs include Cindy Crawford, Charles Barkley, Robert De Niro and Howard Stern.

If not, she could get replacements free of charge

Pamela Anderson talks of pregnancy in Details magazine. “Yesterday I was having a bath and milk started squirting out of my breasts,” she said. “I called (husband) Tommy (Lee) and I go, ‘They work!”’

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