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Hints From Heloise

Wed., April 24, 1996

Dear Heloise: I have found a great way to keep wallet photos from getting bent and torn. Before I put them in my wallet, I laminate them.

Works great and it’s extra easy too! - Ray Joslin, New York

Dear Heloise: My pet peeve: all those heavy paper inserts/ads in magazines. When I get a new magazine in the mail, I sit down and immediately go through and tear out every single one!

Then I can read at my leisure and not be distracted or have to search for page numbers. - Liz Garrett, Irving, Texas

Dear Heloise: Can you tell me some ways to recycle and reuse the empty spools from rolls of gift wrap and ribbon?

I have a pile of them and hate to throw them away if they can be utilized. - Harriet Grossfield, Houston

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