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She Still Threatens To Make Us Have Nausea

Wed., April 24, 1996

Tonya Harding has obtained a court order keeping her estranged husband away from her because of his alleged violent behavior.

“He threatened to make me have pain,” Harding said of machinist Michael Smith in court papers. “He also has come after me and he broke a table and would not leave.”

The former figure skating champion, still on probation for her role in the attack on Nancy Kerrigan, filed for divorce two weeks ago after just 3-1/2 months of marriage, saying she needed to concentrate on her planned comeback.

Smith’s mother, Doris Smith, said the table in question was made of pressed wood and glass and had been broken before her son gave it a shove. “I’m just upset to see (Harding) would stoop back into the lying and deceit and the trying to control public opinion and make someone else look bad,” she said.

Loose talk

Rising teen idol Enrique Iglesias, on his singer pop, Julio (in People magazine): “I hate that ‘Latin lover’ bull. But I’m happy for Dad. I know he’s getting the chicks … Me, I just want to have one girlfriend.”

Counting previous lives, that comes to 1,762

Shirley MacLaine turns 62 today.

She’s just trying to live long and prosper

A Los Angeles appeals court has ruled that late “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry’s first wife, Eileen, doesn’t deserve a share of profits from the “Next Generation” and “Deep Space Nine” follow-up series. The appeals panel said the lower court judge who previously granted an award “truly embarked on a mission to explore a strange new world.”

It apparently was quite the catfight

Speaking of messy splits, the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine reveals that when they got divorced, Loni Anderson and Burt Reynolds had a major dispute over custody of a bronze statue of Puss-in-Boots.

She’s always looking for a bigger cut

After observing a mastectomy last week, divorce-bound Princess Diana sat in Monday as surgeons at a London hospital performed a four-hour heart operation on a 7-year-old African boy. The surgery was arranged by Chain of Hope, a Paris-based charity supported by Di.

Care for another burger, Queen?

Queen Elizabeth had to have food delivered for her 70th birthday dinner Sunday after word got out that she and 13 family members - not including Diana or Fergie, of course - were going out for a fancy meal. The leak came from reporter Richard Kay, a close friend of Di’s.

It’s not like Dolly to hold herself back

A handful of angry Dolly Parton fans asked for their money back when she performed only a few songs during a series of benefit concerts over the weekend at her Dollywood theme park in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The rest of the show time was filled by Phyllis Diller, Dom DeLuise and a group of impersonators.

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