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Did you read about Queen Elizabeth’s broken collar bone? Not all did. Because Buckingham Palace declined to comment. But the report from several quarters was she got hit last year by a falling grouse.

Q. What do you call a sandbar that connects one island to another or to a mainland?

A. A tombolo.

It’s now known the owners of personal computers are more likely than others, generally, to join health clubs.

Q. What do Wall Streeters mean by “painting the tape”?

A. That’s illegal manipulation wherein investors buy or sell to one another to influence other investors to buy or sell.

First merry-go-rounds were built for the noble little boys of old Europe. Before they learned to fence and joust, those youngsters rode in circles and practiced with small lances the stabbing of stationary rings. Most were right-handed. That’s why all merry-go-rounds thereafter turn counterclockwise.

The family of 2nd Lt. George S. Patton Jr., was exceedingly wealthy. So frequently he didn’t bother to draw his Army pay. At least, not immediately. I don’t think the other officers his age actually hated him for that. Didn’t despise him, I mean, but … Never mind.

Average golfer has a 24 handicap.

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