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After Lead Poisoning Didn’t Work, Wife Shot Husband To Death, Police Say

Inside the clapboard farmhouse where she ran a day-care center, Carolann Pollard spent a year trying to poison her husband by sprinkling lead powder on his food, police say.

The poison made James Pollard sick enough to take disability leave from his job, but it apparently wasn’t killing him fast enough to suit her, according to police.

So, they say, she shot him to death.

The case has shocked neighbors in this rural town on Chesapeake Bay’s eastern shore. And parents are worried that children attending Carolann Pollard’s day-care center may have been poisoned.

According to court documents, a frightened Carolann Pollard called 911 in the early morning of July 22, saying she had heard shots outside after her husband had gone out to investigate a noise in their yard.

Police found her husband’s body near a shed in the Pollards’ back yard and initially thought a prowler was responsible for the 38-year-old Pollard’s murder.

But investigators say Carolann Pollard, 40, later admitted that she had shot the man she had married a little more than a year ago. She was Pollard’s third wife.

And, according to police, she added that she was responsible for the mysterious illness that had been plaguing her husband for months.

Officials refused to comment on a motive.

James Pollard’s case puzzled doctors for a time, but they eventually diagnosed him as having lead poisoning. They had been conducting tests to find out where the toxin was coming from.

Although police say she has confessed, defense attorney Harry Walsh said Carolann Pollard - who is being held without bail - will plead innocent to the charges of murder and poisoning. A preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 22.

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