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James Bond: Licensed To Speed North Idaho Law Officers Reluctant To Admit Letting Brosnan Off Easy

Thu., Aug. 1, 1996

Remember that scene in “GoldenEye” where James Bond races his sports car down a road at breakneck speed, a sexy woman yelping in fear at his side?

Well, it seems Bond - better known as Pierce Brosnan - has been at it again.

Brosnan has been spotted cruising North Idaho roads in the same BMW Z3 convertible used in the 007 flick.

Earlier this week, Brosnan ‘fessed up to having been pulled over by Idaho cops four times since the shooting of “Dante’s Peak” began in Wallace.

In true Bond style, it appears he got off without a ticket.

But which officers nabbed 007 remains a mystery. Most local cops won’t admit letting the star off easy.

“I know of some occasions that (it looked like) he was exceeding the speed limit,” said Shoshone County Lt. Spike Angle. “But, I had no radar where I was.” Besides, “it would be hard to hold back,” Angle joked. “That car’s sweet.”

Angle did stop Brosnan for driving without license plates but let him go after finding the proper paperwork.

Still, Angle insisted he would have ticketed Brosnan. “If he’s breaking the law, you bet. I told him that.”

An Idaho State Police dispatcher said one officer had pulled over Brosnan, but the dispatcher was unsure which one or why.

Angle thought Kellogg police had stopped Brosnan for speeding. But the chief said no way.

Post Falls police heard that Coeur d’Alene officers had caught the star. But “if any of our officers have stopped him, it hasn’t gotten around the office - and those things usually get around the office,” said Coeur d’Alene police Capt. Ken Timmons.

However, he said, “I know we stopped John Travolta.”

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