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Man Gets 43-Month Term For Beating Estranged Wife Woman’s Clothes Ripped Off During Assault At Intersection


A man who beat his wife and dragged her from a car at a busy Spokane intersection received a 43-month prison sentence Tuesday.

Larry Chenevert, 23, got the toughest sentence possible under state guidelines.

Superior Court Judge Thomas Merryman cited Chenevert’s history of violence and the brutality of the attack last April.

It took place on a weekday morning when Chenevert spotted his estranged wife riding in a car with her mother and her young daughter near Monroe and Francis.

Enraged, he drove his car across a traffic island, smashed the window of the car she was in, ripped her clothes off, then dragged her out of the car.

He also yanked out strands of Samantha Chenevert’s hair.

Prosecutors charged Chenevert with kidnapping and assault, but jurors convicted him last month of unlawful imprisonment, assault and malicious mischief.

The jury rejected the kidnapping charge because Chenevert’s wife testified she willingly got in his car after the attack. He then drove to her apartment, where police later arrested him.

The jury also acquitted Chenevert of fourth-degree assault of a child. That charge resulted from minor injuries suffered by the couple’s 10-month-old child during the attack.

Chenevert has prior convictions for two assaults, unlawful imprisonment and conspiracy to deliver drugs.

Defense attorney Gary Hemingway pleaded Tuesday for a lesser sentence, saying the Cheneverts are looking to repair their marriage.

Larry Chenevert has also agreed to avoid drugs, enter an anger-management program and enroll in college, Hemingway said.

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