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‘Girl 6’ Is More Raunchy Comedy From Spike Lee

Fri., Aug. 9, 1996

A salacious new comedy from Spike Lee tops this week’s list of new movies on video.

Girl 6 ***

In Lee’s jaunty and raunchy comedy, an aspiring actress played by the outrageously talented Theresa Randle doesn’t understand why every director she auditions for asks to see her breasts. Why prostitute herself for art? When she takes a job as a phone-sex operator, the connections between acting, prostitution and art become clearer. Rated R (brief nudity, sexually explicit language, profanity).

Executive Decision ** 1/2

Arab terrorists hijack a jetliner and threaten to bomb Washington with a deadly nerve gas that will paralyze the U.S. government. They don’t seem to realize we have a Congress for that. Kurt Russell and Steven Seagal lead the midair counterattack. Rated R (violence, language).

Black Sheep **

“SNL” teammates Chris Farley and David Spade team up for this lowbrow slapsticker about a dopey brother (Farley) embarrassing his politician brother (Tim Matheson) on the campaign trail. Director Penelope Spheeris gets a few good bits of physical comedy out of the duo, but Laurel and Hardy they’re not. Rated PG-13 (cartoon violence, profanity).

Down Periscope **

Kelsey Grammer stars as the maverick commander of a misfit submarine crew in this no-brainer comedy that pits a rustbucket diesel sub against the high-tech U.S. Navy. Lauren Holly, as the sole female onboard, is the butt of several dumb sex jokes and a prank involving a brassiere. Rated PG-13 (profanity, sexual humor).

Big Bully * 1/2

Rick Moranis and Tom Arnold star as boyhood nerd and bully, respectively, grown up and still acting like idiots. Neither black enough for black comedy nor light enough to be a family romp, it’s a frightening waste of time. Rated PG (profanity, cartoon violence).

Ed * 1/2

(MCA/Universal) 95 minutes. Matt LeBlanc, Jack Warden. An unfunny man-and-his-monkey movie set in the world of minor league baseball, with “Friends” star Matt LeBlanc as a pitcher with “chokeitis” and a pair of little people in chimp suits in the title role. Rated PG (flatulence jokes, locker room language).

Recent movies:

“Body Of Influence 2” Jodie Fisher, Daniel Anderson. Sequel to the unremembered 1993 film has psychiatrist Anderson getting involved with sexy patient Fisher.

“Lotto Land” Larry Gilliard Jr., Wendell Holmes. Independent film stars Gilliard as a young Brooklyn man who spends all of his money on lottery tickets when a $27 million jackpot approaches.

“The Quarrel” Saul Rubinek, R.H. Thomson. In the spirit of “My Dinner with Andre” comes this low-key film about two Holocaust survivors who meet again in 1948 and discuss their faith.


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