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Nader Accepts Chance To Run Against Duopoly

Tue., Aug. 20, 1996

Ralph Nader, the pioneer consumer activist who has spent a lifetime attacking the Washington establishment, accepted the Green Party’s nomination for president Monday, declaring his candidacy a crusade against corporate interests’ domination of the electoral process.

Nader, 62, said he hoped his unconventional, no-frills campaign would galvanize opposition to the Republican and Democratic parties and offer a “progressive alternative” to the two-party system.

“This is the first stage of the breakup of the two-party duopoly,” he said at a midday news conference before accepting the Green Party nomination Monday night at UCLA.

Ever the iconoclast, Nader made it clear he does not plan to run on the Green Party platform, which includes support for affirmative action and gay rights in addition to its fundamental support of environmental protection and social justice.

“It’s an excellent platform, but I’m independent and I’m not running on any platform,” he said. “I’m emphasizing the parts (of the platform) that reflect my own interests.”

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