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School Hires Student To Hack Into Computer

When in trouble, call an expert.

Students at Palisades Park’s high school needed their transcripts to send off to colleges, but they were in the computer and no one who knew the password could be reached. So the school hired a 16-year-old hacker to break in.

“They found this student who apparently was a whiz and apparently was able to go in and unlock the password. And then they got the transcripts out,” School Board attorney Joseph R. Mariniello said.

Superintendent George Fasciano was forced explain to the School Board on Monday the $875 bill for the services of Matthew Fielder, who broke into the system for $25 an hour.

Fielder was recommended by Palisades Park’s computer coordinator but does not attend the district’s schools. School officials would not release any further information about him.

The trouble started last month when some students needed transcripts. The principal was on vacation and unreachable. The former vice principal also couldn’t be reached.

Another school employee with the codes had been incapacitated by a stroke, and members of the guidance department were either on vacation or not working over the summer because of a financial crunch.

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