August 28, 1996


L.M. Boyd Crown Syndicate

In archery, when a second arrow splits a first arrow in the bull’s-eye, it’s called a “Robin Hood.” Rare. A top competitor may hit three in a 20-year career, I’m told.

Roses cut in the afternoon last considerably longer than roses cut in the morning.

Q. How much of my bones is living tissue?

A. About a third, if typical.

Twenty-eight percent of all men consider themselves “handsome.” Only 13 percent of all women think themselves “pretty.” Or so one extensive survey indicates. Are men more conceited? Or are women just better judges of good looks? Both?

Am told a few real estate agents spray vanilla extract around the kitchens of their houses before showing same.

Elephant seals dive deeper than whales.

The blue satin bower bird of the New Guinea island mixes charcoal and berry juice, and with a piece of bark for a brush, paints the inside of its nest blue.

Just about nothing else natural is noisier underwater than a bed of shrimp.

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