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Christmas Fund 1996 Law Firm Donates $1,000 To Help Those In Need Friday’s Contributions Push Fund To More Than $45,000

For every travail experienced, there’s something to be learned.

In our preview of winter, Inland Northwesterners learned to take nothing for granted. Not even the most elementary of things.

After the ice storm, the attorneys and staff at Douglas, Eden, Phillips & DeRuyter recognized we had all been forced to endure a bit of the scrabble our needy neighbors sweat out day after day.

The firm donated $1,000 to The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund and this letter:

“With all the natural beauty and good fortune many of us enjoy, it is all too easy to forget that the basic things in life, such as food and shelter, are not shared by all. In many ways, our experiences with the recent ice storm are a blessing - it reminds us to reevaluate our lives and look for ways to do more for those less fortunate than ourselves.”

The gift helped bring Friday’s total to $7,627 for a year-to-date figure of $45,125.01.

The total is reassuring both in its amount and in the number of people who have created it. But - there’s always a but - we need nearly 10 times that much to meet the goal of $400,000.

There are still two weeks before Christmas. Think we can make it? I’m betting we will. But it will take faith and courage - and help from everyone. Your gift of money will see to it that no child will wake up broken-hearted Christmas morning because Santa lost the way to his or house.

Part of your money will also help low-income families buy holiday groceries they haven’t enjoyed in so long.

And maybe the best part is that all of your money goes only for those two things: toys and food. None of it is used to meet expenses like salary or rent. Everyone working at the Christmas Bureau is a volunteer.

The attorneys closed their letter with: “Our hope is that you reach your goal and that every child in our area experiences the wonderful joy of Christmas, including a nutritious meal and a special gift. Enclosed is a check of $1,000 to help you meet this goal. … Thanks also to the people at the Salvation Army, Volunteers of America and Catholic Charities, whose work every day makes our community a warm and beautiful place to live.”

The letter was signed by Ronald P. Douglas, William D. Eden, Marc A. Phillips, Daniel B. DeRuyter, Suzanne Bretting, JoAnn Grennell, Chris Chase, Kirsty Berreth, Robbie Beyer and Anita Anderson.

Lyal Williamson, 9723 E. Shannon, has been a longtime friend of the Christmas Fund. Every year he donates his contribution in memory of Laura, his “dear wife, who loved the Christmas Fund and what you do for others.” This year he added: “Tennessee Ernie Ford had a famous song that ended, ‘Lord help me to live for others that I may live like thee.”’

Other boosts to Friday’s total:

An anonymous gift of $500; the Spokane Valley Kiwanis Club gave $300, as did another anonymous donor. William L. Knapton, 614 E. Eighth, gave $250, saying, “Thank you for the opportunity to help put a few more smiles on children’s faces. This is the time of year when more smiles are desperately needed.”

Gifts of $200 came from Dorothy Collins, Deer Park; Sam and Janet Whitcomb, 4616 N. Ella Road; McVicars and Associates, 323 E. Second; Pamela Derusha, Spokane; Bob and Debbie Glaza, Veradale; Judith L. Gordon, 208 W. Woodway; and one anonymous donor.

Bruce and Charlotte Campbell, 2311 W. 16th, gave $150 “in memory of our daughter Jamie Campbell, and hopefully to help many, especially those who suffered from Ice Storm ‘96.”

Contributions of $100 were from Mr. and Mrs. Don Lippman, Spokane, who gave “in honor of and a tribute to all of the visiting and resident power company workers”; and Evelyn I. Phillips, 11314 E. Mission, who doubled her usual donation and wrote, “Thanks for reminding us that being able to help others is the greatest of gifts.”

Other $100 gifts were given by Mr. and Mrs. Don Day, Post Falls; Eleanor York, Chattaroy; Frank and Jean Armstrong, 2614 E. 40th; Jon and Gretchen Pallmer, Spokane; Richard S. Adams, 2104 E. 36th; Ed and Lee Sonderman and the employees at Northwest Golf Cars, 2517 N. Division; and Frances Rudd, 1409 W. Cherrywood Court.

Ben, Carol and Kathy Shaw, 428 S. Haven, gave $100, as did Jim and Christine Easling, Greenacres, who said, “We are thankful for four beautiful and healthy grandchildren,” along with three anonymous donors, one of whom wrote, “We have supported the Christmas Fund for several years and want to thank the staff and volunteers for doing such a wonderful job of helping to make Christmas special for so many people.”

Jack and Colleen Birchill, 3010 E. 13th, gave $77, writing, “We are grateful we can again contribute to this honorable and much-needed charity.” An anonymous donor gave $55.

Giving $50 were Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Bair, 10610 E. Nixon Lane; Greg Milstead, 4110 E. 46th Court; Douglas K. Herrman, Spokane; Mary Lou York, 10407 E. Fifth, “in honor of Larry Logsdon, who helped my Aunt Alice through the long days of the ice storm”; Linda Grytdal, Chewelah, “in memory of my husband, Wayne Grytdal, who touched my life and others with his generosity, compassion and love.”

Sally and Walter Bonsack, 1431 N. Argonne Road, also gave $50, as did Lloyd and Harriet Jacobson, 11107 E. Empire; and members of the Retired Railway Mail Clerk’s Club, who doubled their donation this year.

Other $50 gifts came from B.A. Murphy, 714 E. 32nd; Jerry Peters, 1009 S. Monroe; the staff of Heart Clinics Northwest, 122 E. Seventh; and two anonymous donors, one who gave in memory of Ron Sybouts.

A gift of $45 came from Grace Mae Miller, Post Falls, “in loving memory of my husband, Ray L. Miller, Jan. 20, 1906-Nov. 20, 1996.” Gary and Judy Spangelo, Cheney, gave $40; giving $30 were Shirley Schoenleber, 12311 E. Skyview; Marcia Renouard, 730 E. Glass, “in memory of my son, Terry, with the hope that it will help to make the holidays a bit brighter for someone.”

Contributions of $25 were given by Robert and Helen Hinnenkamp, 11711 N. Bedivere Drive; Mollie Francis Brown and Gerald Francis, 242 W. Riverside, “in memory of Archie and daughter”; Rick, Sara, Stacy and Ryan Anderson, 5811 N. Loma Drive; and Majorie I. Weaver, 811 W. 13th.

Other $25 gifts came from Jeanne M. Bennett, 2220 S. Blake Road; Blanche A. Harrison, 2321 E. Rowan; the Dalton Jassmans, 8522 N. Weipert Drive; Bill McLachlan, 3728 E. Third; Donald J. Goettel, 5303 S. St. Andrews Lane; James C. Slavicek, 5616 W. Woodside; and two anonymous donors.

Giving $20 were Betty Davis, 917 W. 18th; Iris Gribble-Neal, 707 W. Sixth; Joanne Boyer, 1418 S. Wilbur, in memory of Jane Adams; and one anonymous gift.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shagina, 11802 E. 17th, and Christy Hamilton, 605 E. Parkhill Drive, each gave $10.

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