Mother Teresa Starts Working From Hospital

SUNDAY, DEC. 8, 1996

Mother Teresa resumed working from her hospital ward Saturday, still suffering from a lung infection that has complicated efforts to treat her irregular heartbeat.

The 86-year-old Catholic nun met with a group of nuns and gave them instructions on running her Missionaries of Charity order, doctors said.

The statement said doctors will give her drugs to treat her heartbeat once her condition stabilizes further.

Mother Teresa’s kidney functioning has stabilized but her lung infection, while slightly better, persists, the statement said. Her appetite is improving.

Doctors have said they would discharge Mother Teresa after treating her irregular heart rhythm. If drug treatment does not work, as is the case in half the patients who receive it, doctors would administer a mild electric shock.

Shock treatment was a last resort, because Mother Teresa found it uncomfortable. A shock was administered to her heart two months ago to correct a similar problem.

Mother Teresa was hospitalized after a mild heart attack on Nov. 22. An angioplasty removed blockages in two arteries, but her recovery has been held up by lung and kidney problems linked to the poor functioning of her heart.

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