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Christmas Fund 1996 The Data Source Shares Its Success But Fund Less Than Halfway To Its Goal

Another friend has joined forces with The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund.

“Please find enclosed our $1,500 contribution to the Spokesman’s Christmas Fund. We feel fortunate that our first year in business allows us to contribute something back to our community,” wrote a representative of The Data Source, 422 W. Riverside.

“Thanks to The Spokesman-Review for taking on the tremendous effort on behalf of the community to help the needy during this holiday season.”

The letter was signed, “Warmly yours,” Angela Quinn, Chad Skidmore and Jared Miller.

Their first-time gift helped boost Friday’s total to $13,514.29 for a “not-grand-enough” total of $154,014.29.

The Dec. 25 deadline for meeting the $400,000 goal of helping our needy neighbors looms large.

To meet it, we must receive $22,362 every day between now and Christmas. We haven’t even come close to that amount on any daily total.

The Christmas Fund was severely hampered this year by the short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. People are scurrying around, wondering where the time has gone and why they have so much to do.

There’s one more thing to be added to your “to-do” list - your donation to the Christmas Fund.

We don’t want to sound alarmist, but we are fast becoming alarmed.

We’re alarmed that some children will go without toys this Christmas. We’re alarmed some people whose income is severely limited won’t have enough money to buy any extras for Christmas dinner and will face another meal of meatloaf - or maybe not even that much.

These are not exaggerations. Every day the telephone rings with callers relating sad stories. True, sad stories.

How can we stand by and not help?

We can’t. We simply can’t.

There are too many precious children who still believe in Santa Claus. What are they to think, when on Christmas morning, they are told Santa did not stop at their houses. That’s a scenario too sad to contemplate.

Please, won’t you, your business, your club, your friends, give as much as you can to make sure Dec. 25, 1996, is remembered by the poor among us as a happy Christmas.

Helping with Friday’s total were gifts of $1,000 from Max J. Kuney Co., 120 N. Ralph, and Ed and Colleen Van Vliet, who gave in memory of Joey August, and also wrote: “At this time of year, when we need to be mindful of the people less fortunate than ourselves, we are reminded of Joey and the many unselfish contributions he made over the years to our community.”

There was an anonymous donation of $1,000, with this note, “This has been a particularly difficult season for many Spokane residents, and we … are glad to be able to help make the season brighter for those in need.”

An anonymous gift of $800 was received with two $400 checks, along with another anonymous gift of $600.

The 171 students and staff at Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute donated $568 to the Christmas Fund as a “small but sincere gesture … to show our appreciation to the community,” wrote Hiroshi Takaoka, executive vice president.

The students return to Japan next week after 14 weeks of intensive study of English and American culture.

“What they have learned here is not only English, but also the value of open-minded friendship and volunteership of the Spokane community people. The students have mixed feelings now that they have made such a strong attachment to the community which has given them warm support and many unforgettable memories. This donation for the less happy is made as a reciprocation of what students have received from the community.”

Dr. Mitchell Orsi and his staff at the Manito Family Dentistry, 3615 S. Grand Blvd., contributed $500 “in honor and in memory of a special person, Jane Adams. Thank you for providing the opportunity for us to share our blessings with those less fortunate.”

Tom and Cathy White, 9403 Holman Road, also gave $500 “in celebration of the birth of Miller Thomas White, our grandson.”

An anonymous gift of $320 was received.

Giving a $300 gift were Ronald and Shirley Schoenberger, 24424 E. Sprague, Liberty Lake, who said they have been contributing 10 years to the Christmas Fund and have added 10 percent each year to cover increased costs.

“We wanted to get our contribution in earlier this year than in the past because it appears contributors have been a little slow, and maybe more people who have contributed in the past will step up their 1966 contributions,” the Schoenbergers wrote.

There were two anonymous gifts of $300.

Molly and James Philopant, 2010 W. Courtland, donated $250. Giving $200 were Gilbert and Helen Cooley, Spokane; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Peden, 6410 N. Parkview Lane; and one anonymous donation of $200 in “honor of Kathy and Mac McCaffree, Shelley and Steve Richards, and Karen and Joe Orgarick.”

Gifts of $150 came from Maurice, Leann, Shannon and Thomas Dineen, 6309 S. Auer, “in memory of Bridget Dineen, she always remembered the children”; David and Betsy Coombs, 528 E. 14th, “for those who suffer everyday as we did during the ice storm, and in thanks to all those who worked so hard to restore power, light and our normal lives.” There was one anonymous donation of $150.

Donating $100 were Mr. John A. Peterson, 6404 S. Helena; Gene and Winnona Carpenter, 1919 S. Mount Vernon Drive; Floyd Connor, 3818 N. Atlantic, “in memory of my departed wife, Josephine. It is a pleasure to be able to donate to this great cause.”

Betty Franks, Othello, gave $100, as did Adolf C. Nissen, 1001 S. Buena Vista Drive, with thanks “to give to such a worthy organization. It is handled so diligently and helps so many people.”

Dr. Lowell and Shirley Mouser, 3924 S. Bernard, contributed $100, along with Jack Sandberg, 13700 N. Division, in memory of Jerri Ann; Daniel and Linda Green, Rathdrum; Jack, John and Verla Rigsby, 10530 N. Overview Road; Thor and Martha Kiilsgaard, 4604 S. Napa; Kenneth Rydbom, 7311 N. Clancy Court; and three anonymous donors, one with this note: “In the spirit of the Christmas season, I wish to give the enclosed donation to help others who are less fortunate than I.”

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