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Christmas Fund 1996 Pacific Gas Transmission Gives $5,000 To Help Needy

Sun., Dec. 15, 1996

The management at Pacific Gas Transmission recognizes the value of hard work - and the need to lend a helping hand in crunch times.

The company contributed $5,000 to The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund in honor of its employees and our neighbors in need, wrote Paul Bettinger, manager of the firm’s northern area, and Susan Meyer, community relations director for Washington and Idaho.

“As our company marks its 35th year of doing business in Spokane, we are especially thankful for our talented and hard-working employees. We give this gift in recognition to their vital contribution to PGT’s success.”

And, they continued, “Each year (the newspaper) reminds us how great is the need and how important it is to lend a helping hand. Thank you and happy holidays!”

PGT’s enormous helping hand is what the Christmas Fund needs.

We need more helping hands of that size.

During the first four days of operation, 3,907 applicants requested a bit of Christmas relief at the Christmas Bureau.

Those applicants represent 6,887 children and 2,691 adults.

“It’s been averaging nearly 1,000 a day,” said Ken Trent, representing the Volunteers of America and director of the Christmas Bureau. “That’s a significant number of people to serve in (the) five hours” the bureau is open each day.

The 3,907 applicants also translate into a significant number of food vouchers and toys.

Saturday’s receipts totaled $14,812.29 for a total so far of $168,826.58.

There are now 10 days left before Christmas. Ten days.

Ten days to raise $231,174.

In all the pre-Christmas hullabaloo, with time and energy at a premium, we must not forget what the holiday is all about, where the tradition of Christmas gifts originated - with those who brought gifts to the baby Jesus.

We can still apply the Christmas story’s truths.

We can remember the poor children in our area, our neighbors in need.

Please consider the plight of these people - and the time that is left before Christmas and give what you can to those who will appreciate any gift of any size.

Others contributing to Saturday’s total included an anonymous gift of $2,000 and a $500 gift from Ken and Vicky Moland in memory of their parents, Bill and Bonnie Barratt and Vern Moland.

A contribution of $300 came from Drs. Kapstafer, Maixner, Genung and Hollenbaugh, and their staff from their offices at 105 W. Eighth and 5901 N. Lidgerwood.

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Garceau, 5104 S. Perry, donated $250, as did the employees at Stahl Optical in the Fifth and Browne Building.

Giving $200 were Terry, Clarice, Sharon and Mrs. D.B. Wilsey, 1304 S. Ballou Road, “in memory of our father and husband, Dr. Dave Wilsey, who died as a result of the ice storm.”

Bob and Dolores Griffith, Veradale, gave $200 as did Lawrence and Joanna Kiewert, Kennewick.

Giving $150 were Tom and Myrna Temte, 12121 N. Fairwood Drive; Terry and Kathy Deno, 8123 N. Valerie; Helen Parr, 2929 S. Waterford Drive; and two anonymous gifts, one in memory of their loved ones “who have gone on before.”

Gerald Ensminger, owner of Test-Comm, Spokane, gave the Christmas Fund the first money he earned on his new business back to the people of Spokane who are less fortunate in the amount of $145.

The Junior Girls Unit 1435 from the Spokane Valley Veterans of Foreign Wars, “is very pleased to donate $127.95, money they collected from Buddy Poppy donations,” wrote Jennifer McMullen, president, adding that the girls also realize that some 40 percent of the homeless are veterans and their families.

Giving $125 were Evilena M. Cozzetto, 5323 N. Cedar and Del and Ruth Mattix, Veradale. Gifts of $100 came from Henry and Lucy Anderson, 312 W. Hastings Road, “in memory of our Grandma in the big woods who loved helping others;” Jim Elsensohn, 101 E. Hawthorne; John and Glenyce Ross, 5804 N. Nettleton, “for blessings in 1996.”

CLM’s Peanut Brittle Co., Spokane, also donated $100, as did Kay and Nancy Shelffo, 6304 E. Willow Springs Road; Betty Bone, 700 W. Seventh; Glenn Coonrod, 2929 S. Waterford Drive; Kenneth Raymond, 1426 E. 19th; Contractors Supply Inc., 223 E. Augusta.

Other $100 gifts were from Jane R. Motz, 2012 W. Gordon; Ron and Franceen Hermanson, Pullman; Northport, Wash., Presbyterian Church; Anna J. Nelson, Creston, Wash.; Ethel M. Hall, 1120 W. Sprague; Edna Gump, Mead, in memory of her husband, Robert E. Gump; the Myers, 10706 N. Klamath Court.

Elmer and Dorothy Johnson, 8407 E. Bridgeport, contributed $100, as did Miss Kathryn Bernard, Spokane, “in honor of some of my special friends”; Mark Becker, Spokane; Rod and Anne Hartman, Coulee Dam; Dick and Donnie Day, 10311 N. Woodridge Drive; Karen and Steve Heaps, 11720 E. 18th.

There were six anonymous $100 gifts, including one “in memory of my dear husband and precious granddaughter, who was always so caring and giving. She would have wanted me to keep on giving to this great cause, so I have increased my donation to $100.”

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