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Christmas Fund 1996 Challenge Fulfilled In Another Way

Weekend patients at Abstemious Outpatient Clinic, 10525 E. Main, challenged one another this year to collect $124 for The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund.

With last year’s contribution to the Christmas Fund, the patients challenged other weekend treatment groups to follow suit.

“We faithfully watched the paper awaiting a response to our challenge,” they wrote in a letter Wednesday. “It went unanswered.”

So this year they decided to challenge one another. During a discussion “one patient spoke up and said, ‘Gee, if we each just put in the price of only one drink, it will add up fast.’ Another man laughed and said, ‘I’m an alcoholic and I doubt I ever had just one drink in my life - I double that.”’

And so it went, “with everyone putting their hearts into the challenge among themselves. Enclosed is the end result with all of the best of wishes in the knowledge that it will give joy to warm the hearts of others less fortunate than we.”

Others contributing to Wednesday’s receipts include gifts of $75 from Mrs. E.W.S., Greenacres; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mace, 448 W. 24th; the Roche family, Liberty Lake; The Adventurer Club from the Spokane Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church; and two anonymous donors.

The McGovern family, 10702 N. Klamath, donated $70 “in memory of Philip and Patty Tagariello, from their loving children”; and the Kashmar Unit of the Ladies Oriental Shrine gave $60.

Gifts of $50 came from Elmer and Ruby Lindahl, 1510 E. 18th; George and Lorraine Pattison, 3503 W. Seventh; Mrs. E.E. McElvain, 2903 E. 25th; M. Howard, Spangle; Dennis Landfried, Spokane; and the Dick Knowles family, Veradale.

Other $50 contributions came from Doug and Fern Christenson, Spokane, “in memory of our fathers, Doug Christenson Sr. and DeWitt Nielson, both of whom we lost within the past year”; the Weremiczyk family, 9315 S. Cedar; Patrick Hamilton, Spokane; Lillian and Carrie on West 26th; William and Wanda Podobnik, 4706 S. Pittsburg; Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Peck, Liberty Lake; Louis T. Hughes, 12008 N. Atlantic.

Marjorie Wachter, 4617 N. Elton, gave $50, as did C. Johnson, 1508 E. Mallon; Walt and Lorene Branca, 6008 E. Bigelow Gulch; Evergreen Drifters, a musical group; R.H. Doyen, 4227 S. Hatch; W.A. Yates, 519 E. Shenandoah; and Elinor Hanneman, Spokane, “to honor my children Betty Graybill and Frederick Hannerman of Seattle, who have shown me much love and care for so many years.”

Other $50 gifts were from Jay and Pat Gull, 1403 E. Liberty; Robert Monroe, 2403 W. Houston; Richard Hayes, 603 W. Shoshone Place; and M.L. Anderson, 12022 E. Skyview, “from a grandmother of four with one more on the way.” There were 11 anonymous donations of $50.

Friends and co-workers of The Spokesman Review Transportation and Delivery Department gave $41 in memory of Barney Leach. Gifts of $40 came from Daunita Higgins, Newport; Todd Hamm, 4021 W. Bismark; and Ian and Jamie Larochelle, 11813 N. Howard. There were three anonymous $40 donations.

Larry and Bonnie Owens, Greenacres, gave $35; an anonymous donor gave $32 “with grateful thanks to Ken and Carol Moore”; and B.J. Krueger, Spokane, gave $30 in memory of her husband, Marty Krueger Jr., who died in 1981, and her mother Zeela Cowden, who died in 1992.

Other $30 gifts came from Bill and Susan Mulvihill, 509 W. White, “in memory of my dear cousin Allouez, who recently passed away at the age of 89. She will be sorely missed this Christmas.” Also giving $30 were Karen Schramm, 10227 N. Woodridge; Rose Hossner, 302 E. Wedgewood, to honor her three grandsons; Helen Hill, 2417 E. Illinois, and an anonymous donor.

Gifts of $25 came from Florence Smith, Veradale; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pansie, 1748 N. Nelson; Russell and Helen Inman, 5018 N. Bannen; Kendall Olson, Otis Orchards; the Rev. Mike Chilton, 4815 N. Assembly, “as a special thanks to everyone at the V.A. Nursing Home Care Unit”; Clara Woodruff, 1010 E. Columbia; and Bob and Shirley McIntyre, 2512 E. Weile, in memory of Jane Adams.

Everett and Vera Wilson, 726 W. Sixth, gave $25, along with Gerald Johnson, 8108 S. Hilby Road; George Dieter, 1817 E. 34th; Jan Hale, 4312 W. Excell; Gene and Debbie Boatsman, “in loving memory of our son Jason, and mothers Jeanette Boatsman and Mable Olmstead”; Goodner’s Body Shop, Four Lakes; Harold Romberg, 1003 W. 30th; Ken and Anna Throm, 301 S. Chestnut; and the Gore family, 10315 E. Garland, “in the name of my late grandmother, Dolores Montalvo, who always shared the little she had with others less fortunate.”

Also giving $25 were Norma Echelbarger, 3520 E. Ninth, “in memory of my wonderful husband”; Wayne and Nancy Wright, 3614 W. Lyons; Marion Connelly, 2311 W. 16th; Wilma Nelson, 2413 N. Stevens; Rayford Goehri, 3704 E. Ely; Maxine Abney, 8506 E. Boone; David and Dianne Ander, 5502 W. Old Fort Drive; and five anonymous donors.

A gift of $22 came from Gloria Bobo and her children, Michole, 9; Laura and Emily, 4; and Christopher, Fairchild Air Force Base. Gloria wanted to teach her children the benefits of charity and, at the end of summer, she had them save all the pennies they found and said she would match the amount at the end of the year. When she finished rolling coins, the kids “were extremely excited.” She ended her letter with, “Here is their hard work to help others and my match to their savings.”

Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Brotherton, 2727 E. 53rd, gave $20, as did Jeanelle Yancey, 707 E. Euclid; Paula Hoff, 5615 W. Nadine Court; Lorena Wildman, 12904 E. Alki; Michele Guidice Carrozzo, 4108 W. Arrowhead; the Colon family, Mead; Gwen Watson, 303 E. 14th; and Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Harris, Mead, “in memory of our departed loved ones.”

D. Lemke, 1823 S. Garfield, gave $20, as did two anonymous donors.

Gifts of $10 came from Alene Pokstefl, Greenacres; Eva Berg, 1214 E. Heroy; J. Waite, 1617 S. Jefferson; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Benson, 805 W. Holyoke; and three anonymous donors, one “in memory of our wife and mother as we miss her very much and know she would have wanted to give to the Christmas Fund if she were here.”

Phyllis Ellis, 9513 E. Upriver Drive, and Edward and Sherry Mayer, 13127 W. Pine Bluff, Nine Mile Falls, each gave $5.

And last, but not least, Ashley Benedict, 5442 N. Driscoll, mailed in one-dollar bill.

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