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Christmas Fund 1996 Family, Jensen Distribute Love

Members of a Spokane family discussed Christmas priorities and decided that what they wanted most this holiday was to be with one another.

So they mailed a $200 check to The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund with this note:

“As a family, this year we have decided our biggest ‘need’ is to be together - so we are going to travel to do just that. We have decided not to exchange gifts among the adults and give to families in our communities whose needs are much greater.

“We hope in some small way, this will brighten someone’s Christmas.

“Thank you for all the good you do.

“Merry Christmas.”

Now, that’s a gift of love - love for their family and love for people they don’t even know.

Their gift helped Friday’s total reach $15,001.05 for a year-to-date total of $328,972.14.

Is there a hint of success sweetening the air? Every time that sweet aroma spills a few drops, it gives hope that the remaining $71,028 will arrive in time to reach the Christmas Fund goal of $400,000 by Christmas.

Others contributing to Friday’s Christmas Fund total include:

The employees and retirees of Jensen Distribution Services donated $2,801. The attorneys and staff of Lukins & Annis, a professional service corporation in the Washington Trust Financial Center, contributed $1,000, as did Egghead of Liberty Lake and an anonymous donor who gave “in loving memory of H&G; Gregerson and H&L; Rath.”

Roberts Realty and Sunset properties gave $800 with this note: “Kim Roberts and Greg Coleman hope this donation warms the homes and hearts of the children in need this holiday season.”

The brokers and staff of Prudential Securities in the Washington Mutual Bank Building contributed $710; Spokane Research Center Employees of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the Office of Mine Safety & Health Research, contributed $615 with this note:

“When The Spokesman-Review published the item about employees of the former Bureau of Mines sending the remaining dollars of their employees’ association fund to the Christmas Fund as they were losing their jobs, those of us fortunate enough to keep our jobs here in Spokane were inspired by their generosity.

“Enclosed are funds donated by the employees of the Spokane Research Center in the amount of $615 to help brighten the holidays for less-fortunate families.”

See how one good idea fosters another?

The management and staff of J.R.M. Service and the Tobacco Station, 217 S. Division, gave $550 to help ensure every child in Spokane has at least one gift to open on Christmas morning and can enjoy a special meal with the help of food vouchers provided by those who contributed to the Christmas Fund.

Jim and Salli Sledge, 5110 E. Glennaire Drive, gave $500, as did Standard Blue Print Company Inc., 256 W. Riverside. Carr Sales Co. Wholesale Distributors, 919 W. First, contributed $400.

The YMCA Walkers & Toddlers organization held a bake sale as it has done the past two years for the Christmas Fund. This year, Geoff Kellogg sold crafts at the sale and boosted the children’s gift to $314.05. There was a note with the money:

“We are the YMCA day care 1- and 2-year-olds and since sharing is one of the biggest lessons we are trying to learn, we are happy to give this money to you. Thank you for helping other kids have a Merry Christmas. P.S. See you next year.”

Mil-Key Corp., Greenacres, gave $250, as did Tim and Elaine Sweet of Summit Landscape Construction, 4228 E. Wellesley; the staff of Gerald Boyd and Associates, Realtors, 3022 S. Grand, contributed $230.

Gifts of $200 came from the staff of McDirmid, Mikkelsen & Secrest, 926 W. Sprague; Frank and Scott Thompson Inc. of the Chevron Deli and Food Mart, 1005 W. Third; Anita and Carter Lewis, 1521 E. Pinecrest; and Theo Vanhoff, Veradale.

Bill and Michelle Caird, Nine Mile Falls, gave $183. Gifts of $150 came from Richard and Lauretta Byrd, 1620 E. 27th; Herbert Hamblen, 2510 E. Amberwood Court; St. Francis Fraternity, 1104 W. Heroy, and Cascade Community, 2311 W. 16th.

James Koppa, 10504 E. Balfour, and an anonymous donor each gave $125.

Gifts of $100 came from E.M. Proctor, 507 W. Knox; Mr. and Mrs. David DeFoe, 8925 E. States Lane; Mr. and Mrs. Allan Park, 4620 S. Progress, with a note of thanks for helping the less fortunate; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hudson, Clayton, Wash; Mr. and Mrs. Gene Herritz, 5112 N. Hutton View Lane; Michael Carlander, Greenville, S.C.; Ernst & Payne Inc., Spokane; Simpson Realty, 1423 N. Monroe; and one anonymous donor.

A gift of $60 came from The Spokesman-Review reference library staff; Donations of $50 were made by Steve, Ben and Gail Quaid, Colbert; Ray Long and Charlene Thiot, 904 N. Crestline; Loralee and Jules Pieroni, 3105 E. Angela; Andrew Johnson, Airway Heights, “in honor of God who has shown me that in giving, I am truly receiving.”

Terry and Bunny Larsen, 3125 W. Rowan, donated $50, “in memory of my mom, Ethel Jilbert who passed away last Christmas”; Paul Baum, 12317 N. Ruby, and three anonymous donors also gave $50. An anonymous donor gave $45.

Donations of $35 came from G. Berglund, 1603 W. Pinehill Road, and an anonymous donor. A gift of $30 was also given by someone who wished to remain anonymous.

Gifts of $25 were received from Wendy Pemberton, 5302 North Vista Court, who wrote “The Lord has blessed me so much”; Tracy Howe, 4623 N. Royal; Opal Cumbie 4419 S. Sunny Creek Drive; Mr. and Mrs. Steve Alexander, Otis Orchards.

Cindy Lundemo, 5227 N. Cedar, shared a portion of her salary with a $25 contribution and this note: “I am so happy to have finally found a job, I want to share with others who are less fortunate.”

Shirley Miller, 2921 E. 36th, gave $25, as did Mr. and Mrs. Norman Jones, 5827 N. Belt; Mabel and William Kaiser, 2518 E. 58th Lane; Julia and Andrew , 2119 S. Monroe, and five anonymous donors.

Giving $20 were Ray and Jeanne Entz, 5708 S. Spotted Road, with this note: “Please use the money to help others. It’s not much, but I know it all adds up. Keep up the good work”; Debbie, Jay, Zack and Jenna Humphrey, Spokane, in memory of Vera Romero.

Paul Mardis, 710 E. Seventh, and two anonymous donors also gave $20.

Maynard and Demy Hicks, Pullman, contributed $15, with this word of encouragement from the adjunct Murrow professor: “Let’s hope the mite of this enclosure helps to push to success this fund for which you are working so hard on. How quickly it would go over the top IF, for instance, every reader of the Spokesman in Pullman were to match it.”

Gifts of $10 came from Robert and Kathleen Calohan, 2238 N. Craig Road, and one anonymous donor.

Jack and Colleen Birchill, 3010 E. 13th, mailed in $8, which represents 10 percent of their earlier gift, “in hopes some others may also find it possible to do so for this most worthy endeavor.”

If we don’t reach the goal, it won’t be because of the lack of heart.

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