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Christmas Fund 1996 Shea’s, Kimmel’s Gifts Push Fund Nearer To Goal

Shea Construction and Kimmel Athletic Supply have demonstrated their belief in our community with generous gifts to The Spokesman- Review Christmas Fund.

Together, they helped bring Sunday’s gift total to $10,045 for a grand total so far of $347,745.94. The goal is $400,000. David R. Shea, president of Shea Construction Inc., 331 N. Fancher Road, gave $2,000 in support of the annual Christmas drive.

“What you are doing for our community and its people in need this time of year is a wonderful thing,” Shea wrote. “We believe that our responsibility lies not only as a builder in this community but also as a builder of this community.”

Jim Kimmel and Bill Davis of the “team sports specialists,” 202 E. Mission, sent $1,752 and wrote, “The Christmas holiday season is and should be a wonderful and joyous time of the year for all.”

Kimmel employees contribute to the Christmas Fund with each paycheck, which Kimmel matches at the end of the year. This year, employees increased their giving by 30 percent.

“We all are pleased to be able to share in a project which will make this Christmas a little more special for many,” Kimmel and Davis wrote.

Others who helped make a difference Sunday include Betty Howard and Dorothy Lafferty, 1214 W. 20th, who gave $500.

Gifts of $300 came from Dean Schmidt, 2121 E. Upriver Drive, who gave for Jonathan, and Robert Schneider, president of Lindsay Soft Water of Spokane Inc., 1819 E. Sprague, “to help some who are not as fortunate as we are.”

Gifts of $250 came from B.P. CAD Inc., 801 E. Second; Keith and Kathleen Mackenzie of Rehabilitation Association, 1325 E. South Ridge; the Spokane branch of Allied Building Products Corp., 2812 N. Pittsburg; and one anonymous donor.

The executive board of the county and city employees union, 1105 W. Francis, contributed $200 “as a gesture of our appreciation for our good fortune to have good jobs and steady incomes to make the holidays bright for our own families.” The group also issued a challenge to other union locals - but they will have to work fast because Christmas is almost here.

Walt Zahn, 8001 N. Country Homes Blvd., gave $200, as did two anonymous donors, one of whom gave “in loving memory of Bob Darlow,” a former teacher who died in November and who cared about children and people in need.

Gordon Schoedel, Valleyford, contributed $150.

Members of The Carebears, a South Hill senior center, meet every Monday for a brown-bag lunch and a visit. Last January, they set up a Christmas Fund can, and every week, they dropped coins into it. That change totaled $125 “to help give others a merry Christmas.”

Gifts of $100 came from Ponti Veterinary Clinic in Otis Orchards; Eric and Marian Anderson, 3231 W. Boone; Alma Templeton, 2009 E. Upriver Drive; Mike Epler, 14005 E. Rockwell; Elleen Doyle, 912 E. Wellesley; and Harold, Heidi, Katie, Ben, Jacob and Ethan Clarke, 7209 N. Fotheringham.

Ainslie and Allan Toole, 3008 E. Foxwood, gave $100, as did John Hundahl, 5919 W. Excell; Mr. and Mrs. David Zinecker, 11107 E. 17th; Donald Hemsteger, 32 W. 40th; and five anonymous donors, one in memory of his father, Spencer, and one to “brighten someone’s Christmas and help them through this difficult time.”

The Lewis and Crisp families together gave $75 in honor of their parents, Jim and Cathy Ramsey, who told them, “We don’t need anything - please send that money to the Christmas Fund.”

The families wrote: “Mom and Dad made many sacrifices when we were growing up to ensure that we had happy holidays. This was no easy task with five children. The meaning of sacrifice was lost to us as kids; we didn’t understand that Mom and Dad went without some of their own basic necessities to give us wonderful Christmas celebrations. This certainly fits with the philosophy of the Christmas Fund: folks making sacrifices for the benefit of others.”

The letter was signed by Dick, Chris, Jeff, Justin and Joshua Lewis, 4406 E. Redroan Drive; and Jeff, Leanne, Therese, Kellie, Coran, Brian and Danny Crisp, 620 W. 26th.

Other $75 gifts came from Barbara Teters, Coeur d’Alene; Mr. and Mrs. John Mertens, 14111 E. Sharp; Ideal House Cleaning, Irene and Cindy, owners, and employees Dona, Jackie, Carrie, Renee, Joy’l, Michelle and Charlene, “and $5 from Nick Herker who helped his grandpa”; plus an anonymous donor.

Giving $50 were Henry Tombari, 3420 S. Tekoa; Barbara Benner, 15407 W. Tepee Road; Rita and Alfred Knitter, 627 E. 26th; F.G. Schroeder, 2017 S. Hayford Road; Gwen Bowell, 4311 W. Northwest Blvd.; the Owendorff family, Otis Orchards; Marge Phillips, 857 E. Lyons; Adrian Nichols, 9707 N. Fotheringham; and four anonymous donors.

Another anonymous donor gave $38, while still another donated $30.

Giving $25 were Dorothy McClellan, 1508 E. Cambridge Lane; Tom and Marilyn Patton, Pinehurst, Idaho; Jennifer and Richard Gerety, 5809 S. Sycamore; and Barbara and Jack Labbe, 2917 W. Wellesley, in memory of their daughter and son, Donna Nichols and Chip Labbe.

Loretta Thompson, 2303 S. Fawn, gave $25, as did Mark and Debra Kennedy, 11319 N. Wall, and Joyce Rae, 3911 E. Frederick, “in memory of my beloved son, Jim, as we spend our first Christmas without him. I know this would make him happy.”

Joan Odell, Spokane, gave $25 “in memory of my wonderful husband Jim Odell, who loved this season of the year so much”; also donating $25 were Daphne Adams, 2017 W. Courtland, and three anonymous donors, one from Pullman who gave in memory of Marty Jinks.

Bernice Atchley, 405 S. Coeur d’Alene, gave $10, as did an anonymous donor.

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