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If You Have The Material, She’s Still Her Best Girl

Life must be so much easier if you have an excess of self-confidence.

Take Madonna, for example. Other than, say, her roles in “Desperately Seeking Susan,” “Dick Tracy” and “Truth or Dare” - the latter being a documentary in which, surprise, she appears as herself - she’s stunk in every movie she’s made. It’s clear that her pointy-breasted stage act just doesn’t work on the big screen.

Yet somehow she won the lead role in Alan Parker’s movie musical “Evita.” And somehow, in spite of several early negative reviews, she’s still sure of her - cough-cough - abilities.

At a London press conference, asked if she thought she’d win an Oscar nod and if that would mean a lot to her, she answered in three simple words: “Yes and yes.”

Loose talk

Rosie O’Donnell on Newsweek magazine’s titling her “The Queen of Nice” (in Newsweek): “Every time I say something the slightest bit not nice, somebody gets all offended and says, ‘You’re not the queen of nice. You’re the queen of nothin’!”’

That’s roughly how many times she hasn’t won an Emmy

Susan Lucci turns 47 today.

Either that, or he got caught in Ernie’s bug zapper

“I don’t know what it is that people like about me, and I’m so scared to think about it,” says Sandra Bullock. And why is that? Because, she said,”There was something Hemingway wrote about Fitzgerald, I believe. He compared him to a butterfly, that he didn’t know what his gift was. But once he figured out what the gift was, it almost broke his wings to become aware of his beauty, and he couldn’t fly anymore.”

And if so, how would shrinks ever make a living?

Diane Keaton doesn’t know what the big deal is. “Anybody walking around should have some sort of low self-esteem,” she told USA Today. “I mean, how could you not?”

Just so long as it doesn’t smell like Limburger

Although she wasn’t talking Christmas recipes, “Friends’ cast member Courtney Cox wasn’t shy about discussing the sleazy level of “Scream,” the Wes Craven film she just made. “I loved making a total cheese ball, in a good and campy way,” she said.

Our favorite, of course, is Dominatrix Barbie

Nobody say anything to Mattel Toys, but some San Francisco stores are selling Barbie alternatives with such themes as Trailer Trash Barbie. According to the Miami Herald, that model features Barbie with a cigarette dangling from her lips, her platinum hair showing black roots and with a baby slung over her hip. Other models include Hooker Barbie and Drag Queen Barbie.

Which is what we do whenever she sings

Kathie Lee Gifford endured her sweat-shop trial when, she told McCall’s magazine, Cardinal John O’Connor “took my hands in his and said gently, ‘Kathie, our Lord didn’t change the world through his miracles… (but) through his suffering.”’

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