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Official Records


Marriage Licenses

Wayne L. Praeder and Shelley A. Graves, both of Spokane.

Michael A. Prijatel and Ginny M. Kopplin, both of Spokane.

Dennis L. Hamlin and Vicky L. Mattix, both of Spokane.

Carl L. Hill of Cashmere, Wash., and Deborah A. Loomis of Wenatchee.

John J. Zappone and Kimberly K. Murray, both of Medical Lake.


Superior Courts

New Suits

Audry Harper and James J. Gillespie as guardian ad litem for Milton Harper vs. Gerald Ruhling, seeking restitution for damages from a vehicle collision.

Farmers and Merchants Bank vs. Gary A. Wilson, money claimed owed.

Virginia M. Hunter vs. Russell Ryals, seeking restitution of premises.

W. R. Van Camp P.C. vs. Debbie Cole, seeking restitution for damages from a vehicle collision.

General Motors Acceptance Corp. vs. Alicia E. Napier, money claimed owed.

Gary J. Crandall vs. Jeff Mewes and Annette Cherry, seeking restitution of premises.

WFS Financial Inc. vs. Ronald Gibson, complaint for breach of contract.

Marriage Dissolution Petitions

Hollar, Timothy S. and Tawnya L.

Marriage Dissolution Granted

Stewart, Ed C. and Jerri A.

Smith, David M. and Debbie A.

Hartvigsen, Kurt and Jennifer

Delaney, Victor C. and Dawn R.

Offerdahl, Hans A. and Deborah A.

Emery, James C. and Perley R.

Snyder, Edward C. and Karen

Deno, Glenn and Gertrude

Sweeney, Michael G. and Mari J.

Dohnal, Ricky L. and Teresa L.

Seale, Shane and Angela

Federal Courts

New Suits

Richard A. Michelbook vs. Shirley S. Chater, Commissioner of Security, appeal of denial for disability insurance benefits and Supplemental Security Income.

Bankruptcy Petitions

Lawrence G. Walsh, Warden, Wash., debts of $36,502.

David W. Maygren, Moses Lake, debts of $80,087.

Agustina Espinsa, Moses Lake, debts of $25,139.

Maria G. Garcia, Kennewick, debts of $20,619.

Bruce and Deanna Shepard, Pasco, debts unspecified.

Wendi S. Netz, 1418 W. Ninth, debts of $110,375.

Nola E. Wilson, 6019 E. Sixth, debts of $97,074.

Cory W. Hovanec, 2120 E. Hoffman, debts of $15,740.

Kenneth R. and Sheri L. Himes, 5708 N. Monroe, debts of $15,159.

Richard A. Ganas, 4418 N. Vercler, debts of $8,910.

William H. Adkins, Kennewick, debts of $145,127.

Chad S. and Michelle L. Boyd, Valley, Wash., debts of $101,442.

Joseph C. and Sonja R. Termini, 527 W. Alice, debts of $160,415.

Paul and Sherilyn J. Sicurello, 419 E. Hawthorne, debts of $27,082.

Wage Earner Petitions

James E. and Tamara L. Jones, Warden, Wash., debts of $23,672.

John P. and Patricia W. Newkirk, 1811 W. Sharp, debts of $134,196.

Gary E. and Kim L. Roy, 5417 W. Jamie, debts of $201,388.

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