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Those who know their Canada geese say: The farther north, the smaller the geese; the farther west, the darker their color.

Q. What was the first U.S. coin to bear the likeness of a president?

A. The 1909 Lincoln penny - 95 percent copper, that one.

Early Hurons wore armor of sticks laced together with sinews. Then along came guns.

Report is that four out of five grown Americans down something with caffeine in it every day.

Q. Who was the first famous violinist?

A. Balthazar de Beujoyeux. He took several violinists to the court of Catherine de Medici in 1555. And voila! The violin replaced the lute as France’s most popular musical instrument.

Q. What makes alpaca wool so expensive?

A. An alpaca gives up only 5, maybe 6, pounds of wool when sheared once every two years.

Only Connecticut has an official state hero: Nathan Hale.

Q. How much counterfeit U.S. money is out there floating around the world?

A. Approximately $20 million is the educated estimate, if you’re willing to trust any such estimates.

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