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Ap’s Top 10 State Stories

Here are the Top 10 news stories of 1996 in Washington state as voted by editors and news executives of The Associated Press member newspapers, radio and television stations:

1. Elections. Washington backs President Clinton and elects the nation’s first Chinese-American governor, Gary Locke, over Ellen Craswell.

2. February floods across the state cause more than $300 million in damage.

3. Boeing recovery continues with major aircraft orders and proposed $13.3 billion buyout-merger with competitor McDonnell Douglas in December.

4. A math teacher and two students killed in shooting in a Moses Lake junior high school.

5. President and first lady, along with Vice President and Tipper Gore, take colorful bus tour of Western Washington.

6. Gov. Mike Lowry announces he will not run for re-election.

7. Ice storm hits Eastern Washington.

8. More than 50 sickened in e. coli outbreak traced to unpasteurized apple juice made by Odwalla Inc.

9. Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals strikes down state law barring doctor-assisted suicide.

10. Brazil approves extradition of Martin Pang, charged in arson fire in which four firefighters die.

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