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‘I’M Just A Fall Guy Here’

SUNDAY, DEC. 29, 1996

Marion “Suge” Knight, founder of Death Row Records, says he is baffled as to why he is behind bars while the people who “took him for a ride” are out walking the streets.

He is especially furious that the government is investigating his black-owned company instead of what he calls the “giant, white-owned” Coopers & Lybrand, the $2 billion New York accounting firm whose accountant he says ripped him off for millions of dollars.

“I’m just a fall guy here,” Knight said. “It’s the saddest thing in the world to me that everybody is trying to find so much wrong with Death Row. I busted my ass to build this company.

“I feel I gave a great dream, a great positive thing to the black community, to every ghetto in America. Because when little ghetto brothers and sisters look at me, even after all the negative criticism, they say to themselves, ‘If Suge did it, I can do it too.’ “


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