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Inside The Arena Arena Numbers

Selected facts and figures from the Spokane arena:

Largest crowd: 11,799 for the Oct. 17, 1995 Utah Jazz vs. Seattle Supersonics game.

Number of sell-outs so far: 14.

Best selling item at hockey games: beer.

Best selling item at the rodeo: beer.

Busiest restrooms: men’s and women’s room inside the main entrance.

On Saturdays, fans go through:

6,061 glasses of beer, almost all draft;

3,589 cups of soda;

480 pizzas, 80 percent of them pepperoni;

800 soft pretzels;

520 candy bars or licorice whips;

204 espressos/lattes;

292 bags of peanuts;

315 pounds of popcorn.

Number of Service America staff it takes to provide food: 141.

Number of custodians to clean the building on Saturdays: 28.

Number of gray Dumpsters filled after Saturday events: 10.

Source: Service America, staff reports.

, DataTimes